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  1. MY SCT X3 didn't find anything but the issue is still there.
  2. Thanks guys. To answer one question, No the car hasn't done this before install. I have tried disconnecting the battery and didn't see any difference. I have a SCT Tuner do not have access to it right now because of a relocation process right now. I will be able to get it back in a few days. I will let you guys no what I find.
  3. I haven't tried another key but I can. Its kind of weird though, it only does it when I am making quick stops. It does it when I am shutting my car on and off in few minute intervals. Like going to several stores within a few minutes. If the car has been off for a while or go on a long drive, it doesn't do it.
  4. Hey Guys, I installed the Pioneer AVIC F90BT into my 2008 Mustang GT. Install went really smooth and everything works great. One Problem though. Sometimes when I start my car, the check security system warning comes on. Any thoughts?
  5. I got my F90 installed and everything works great! I owe you! I do have one concern though, sometimes when I start my car the check security warning comes on. Any Thoughts?
  6. Is there a specific spot in the fuse box that you are supposed to used when adding the fuse kit? I assume any with delayed power would work, but I just gonna askwhich one that you used. Either an open slot or one that already has a fuse? Hopefully with this question and the pic (if you get time after work) I will have a super smooth install thanks to you.
  7. I got everything ordered so I should be starting all of this in the next week. One more question about VSS. You said it was located on passenger side foot well. Other forums that I have read say to tap in underneath hood at PCM. Can you verify that the VSS wire is located on the inside of the car? I glanced last night but didn't see it, but then again it wasn't a very good look. Thanks
  8. Ok. Where can I go to find these diagrams?
  9. I hate that I keep using you as a crutch, but you seem very knowledgeable about this. The 12V to 5V seems and the switched power seems pretty simple, but what did you have to do for the Illumination and the VSS? Thanks in advance JoshD4
  10. Where did you get your F90BT? Question for after install: Was it pretty much just plug and play except for the add a fuse kit?
  11. ObsidianGTCS, What year is your GT? Let me know how it goes.
  12. I am wanting to install the Avic F90BT in my 2008 Mustang. It has a shaker 500 sound system. I would like to get some direction before I start this project. 1. Which wiring harness will I need to purchase? Some sites tell me that the Metra Part # 70-5521 and some sites tell me that it is PAC Ford Radio Replacement Interface (model C2R-FRD1). The PAC is over $100. 2. I've read some forums and some people are saying that the 2008 Mustang wiring harness is different from the 2005-2007 Mustang. Is there any truth to this? Please help if you know anything about these possible problems t
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