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  1. Good point, will do.
  2. Exactly. I'm certainly not going to re-tag up to 75 gigs worth of music when both my PC and Logitech music server have no issues. For the NEX i'm just going to re-copy the music to the SD card in one hit in order and use the Folder Browse mode, but it's a ridiculous work around. Anyone have any thoughts on the first 2 comments in the original post?
  3. Really enjoying my 5000 NEX, streets ahead of my old F700BT. Some questions I haven't been able to find answers to: 1. Obviously you can change the splash screen, but it doesn't stay on very long (maybe <3 secs) before the 'Pioneer Loading' screen comes on (which stays on for maybe 5-6 secs). To me this defeats the purpose of having a customisable splash screen in the first place. I don't see any way around this, someone tell me i'm wrong. 2. When choosing an AV background screen, there are some pre-installed 'active' screens (sort of like a .gif) e.g. equaliser bars, moving polygons, molten lava, which are very cool. Is it possible to load custom ones from the SD card (as one can do with the regular .jpeg images) and if so, in what format? 3. The big one. I copied my FLAC music collection from my PC and the albums play flawlessly. However: - In 'Folder Browse Mode' the NEX appears to sort the folders (artists) in order copied/modified to the SD card, not alphabetically, a big pain when trying to find the folder (artist) you want. This is bad. The tracks within each sub-folder (album) play in the same order as on (and copied from) the original CD, which is especially important for concerts or other albums where tracks blend together. This is good. - In 'Music Browse Mode', the folders (artists) are sorted alphabetically, this is good. The tracks within each sub-folder (album) are sorted alphabetically also, so the tracks (especially concerts) are essentially playing in random order. This is bad. The only work around I can see is transferring the music in order (i.e. alphabetically by artist) to the SD card and using the 'Folder Browse Mode' to select the desired folder (artist). Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
  4. Newest Pionner update - cnsd-200fm?

    For those in Canada (and maybe this'll apply to the US as well), according to Pioneer Canada customer support today (when I asked via email about 2011 maps): " Good Day The New map should be available for purchase by the end of the month."
  5. Canadian 3.0 update

    Looks like they haven't finished uploading all the info yet, when i add it to the shopping cart it shows 'product null not found' EDIT: Shopping Cart now working....