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  1. anyone ever find a solution to this problem? I have a Z1 with the sirus module - it flashes "updating" but will not play music or respond to any commands ...
  2. iPhone 5 support?

    THANKS - I'll post the results of how things work for me - One other question - I should be able to plug in a new iPod touch (nano/shuffle with a lightening connector ) and have all the "iPod functions" that i have now - Right?
  3. iPhone 5 support?

    OK so i can be sure before i order I have a 110bt that I just upgraded using the NAVTEQ 2012 map update - I must say that I love the updated look - however i need to be able to use appradio mode for things like Escort Live / and my Maps iphone apps / also pandora would be nice. will the CD-IV202NAVI cable allow this? Thanks in advance for your input