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  1. Need Map update for F700BT

    My latest upgrade was the CNSD-100FM. I think this updated the unit to v3.020100 firmware and 2009 maps 2.0004. I would like to update to the latest US maps. Can someone please provide me the instructions and links. Guess I may need to update firmware and will need testmode. Thanks Greg
  2. Thanks for the help. I guess the ground is OK. I try to find a wire for the dimmer. I think I'll try the camera power from the back up lights. Closer to camera location and I don't think I'll use the camera other then for backing. I thought that if the parking brake signal was grounded that you don't need the hack or grounding the mute wire with the 700 only the 900 and 90? If so guess I'll use the hack. Can anyone tell me for sure? Thanks
  3. I have most wires connect but I have a few questions. The Pioneer has a dimmer wire Orange/white and the GMCo also has the same whire but when I look in the C6 service manual at the connector pin out it states that the B4 pin is not used? I connected both the parking brake and ground to the black wire on the GMCO. Why does Pioneer state to ground to body. Isn't the ground in the connector good enough? Does the mute wire get connected to anything? According to the service manual the connector has a muit signal at B6 but the GMCO adapted does not have a wire there. Backup camera- My back up camera has LEDs. Is the power and ground for the LEDs only or is it needed for the camera also? I was thinking of connecting them to the backup light. This should turn the camera only on when backing up. I realize this will eliminate the possibility of rear view any other time but I was un sure of connecting to the red ACC wire from the GMCO becouse of the warning in the instructions about current limits. Thanks in advance for the help and comments.