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  1. Just checking in to say that the screen still works flawlessly. So well I'm considering selling the unit.
  2. Fixed the link...man I haven't been to this forum in a long long time...I wonder what's new.
  3. Oh and does anyone want the scratched touchscreen before I throw it away.
  4. So you've scratched your touchscreen somehow. Or maybe you busted the actual screen itself. That sucks, but for $58 and 2 hours you can fix it. I managed to fix mine and produced this set of pictures to hopefully help other people out. I found my replacement parts here: <!-- m -->http://www.pacparts.com/model.cfm?model ... N=97088728<!-- m --> Here are all the pictures:
  5. AV1 Video Freezes F900

    Thanks for the reply. I did think about the signal amplifier/converter solution. But I guess if you tried it already I'll skip it. So, in your search for the answer, did you make sure that the ground on the RCA cable had continuity with an actual ground on the other end? I am running almost the latest software. It's the one that you buy on the SD cards (IIRC it's 3.0). Currently I'm not even running any mods.
  6. AV1 Video Freezes F900

    I'll hook a multimeter up to it. Maybe check the ground on the RCA cable with a working input device working and then with the non-working one. I'm not sure what I should be looking for though...I'll ask some audio guys and see what they say. That or quit messing with it and get another monitor like you did. I hate giving up and wasting $100 though.
  7. AV1 Video Freezes F900

    I tested my theory of powering devices from the car. I plugged in a portable dvd player and it powered it from the cig lighter and it worked just fine. I also called the pioneer help line, but they didn't have any suggestions. In fact, the tech thought it was weird and figured that if anything I should get no picture, but not the freezing.
  8. AV1 Video Freezes F900

    I'm going to bump this in the hopes that someone found an answer. I am having a similar issue. I have a video device (OBDII engine monitor thing) that I'd like to plug into AV1 or the reverse camera input. But the system freezes and only shows the first frame of the input if I plug it in. The weird thing is that I have another device that works with both inputs. The common thread I see here is this: Input sources that get power and ground from the car cause the system to freeze (the bluetooth thing, the video game system, and my obdII thing). Input sources that don't get power and ground from the car like my camcorder don't have this freezing issue.
  9. So, I'm using the reverse camera input as an input for a device that outputs engine parameters to an RCA connection. I am doing this so I can see the parameters while still listening to my music, radio, etc. While I am testing this I don't have anything hooked up to the reverse signal wire, I have just enabled it in the menu and selected it. What I get is a screen that only refreshes every 20 seconds or so. I know that the device outputs a proper signal and I know that it gets interrupted and stops sending a signal every once in a while (i tested it on an external monitor that shows "signal lost" every once in a while). Is it possible that this is causing the problem. Things I haven't tested that I need to check: -Swap the RCA cable for another one (I know that the input to the headunit works, as I tested it with something else). -Test the device with one of the legitimate inputs to the headunit. Any ideas??
  10. Can I view AV2 video while playing the ipod audio?

    So I finally got 30 minutes to start testing things out (3 mo old son, so no much time for tinkering). The device seems to work, but I only get a frozen screen, it doesn't seem to update. Now, this could be a problem with the device that is putting things to the screen, but if it isn't what could be causing the issue. I'm going to try other inputs, other cables, other input sources, other output sources, etc. to see if I can get it to work.
  11. Can I view AV2 video while playing the ipod audio?

    Thanks for clearing that up. Now for the last piece of the puzzle. I think I lost the extension to the reverse detecting wire. Does anyone know the specs on the fuse it uses?
  12. Can I view AV2 video while playing the ipod audio?

    Ok, one more question on this. The setup screen for the reverse camera has an option for positive or negative polarity. I'm guessing that is just what lead coming off the switch I tap into right?
  13. Can I view AV2 video while playing the ipod audio?

    So, I figured out a way to do this. Not really using AV2, but the same concept. Use the rear view camera input!!! 1) Hook up an RCA connection to the ECU data device and hook the other end in where you would hook up the reverse camera (Brown RCA connector). 2) Wire up a toggle switch to the reverse wire (the wire that tells the system to automatically switch to the reverse camera when you are in the reverse gear). This post talks about it but i'm still not 100% on how it should be wired up: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=23404&p=158281&hilit=rear+view#p158281 . It should be white/violet with a quick connector and you should use the corresponding fused wire with it. This you want to hook up to a switch. And this is the part I'm not 100% about. I'm guessing here but you have something like this: 12V ---> switch ---> ground and you use the wire tap on the provided to tap into the 12V line in this setup. And you'd want to use a 12V source that is only on when the ignition is on and you don't want to wire the ground directly to the battery. Does anyone know what the specs are on that fuse? For those of use that lose things :/ I probably misplaced or tossed my wire. 3) So now you have the ability to switch to the rear view input at will with a switch. And the cool part is your music will still play. Cool! The only problem is that the reverse camera screen has an annoying warning. This post describes how to get rid of that warning: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=24842&hilit=reverse+warning (a bit risky so back stuff up before you start hacking at it). I'll try to remember to post up a video or something once I get it all working.
  14. 3.0 Retail, Official, Legit install experience

    I did the 3.0 install on my commute one day last week. (yes I commute a long way). I did it over the CMH mods and it works fine.
  15. Here's the situation. I am in the process of getting and possibly building a device that hooks into my car's ECU and displays information via a standard rca video signal (think HKS CAMP II and you are close enough). I'd like to be able to use this while listening to my music. Is this possible? Is it very difficult? Also, could I mess with the UI so that there is a button in the lower left corner one every UI "page" that toggles this on/off?