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  1. FREE ..............FREE.............FREE !!!!! Software !!!!! MAPS !!!!! LOOK AT MY NEW POST : viewtopic.php?f=22&t=32146 Enjoy !
  2. UPDATE - Nav N Go iGO8 v8.3.2.80621 (Mar 10 2009) - March '09 update. This release is patched to work with the Generic WorldWide license that enables TMC Pro feature in some European countries. Download Instructions: - complete navigation software excluding the Content: Download : http://rapidshare.com/files/213506387/nav_mar10.rar pass: squirrel NOTE: Please remove any other licenses present in your license folder as this release won't recognize them! Enjoy
  3. Yes , that is correct !! If its not the hardware problem then everything will work just fine
  4. Enjoy guy's these new releases !!! I have decided to sell Avic S1 after many days and nights playing getting maximum out of it , but the unit is very out dated to have it all And I can do much more with newer units . So I dont know if I will be on this forum very often . Anyway I always ready to help if I can .
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?ldyjmzklmwm Mirror 2 http://www.badongo.com/file/13837478 Next Navigator 8 (YE-G 828) - v8.3.2.79297 (March 2 2009) Nav N Go iGO 8 R3 series Requirements: WinCE operating system 300 MHz processor, 64 MB memory, QVGA or VGA touch screen display Overview: GPS Navigation Software for Windows Mobile based PNA devices featuring stunning 3D navigation with outstanding graphics of buildings, landmarks, and entire cities. This version has been extracted from Next YE-G 828 PNA device and as usual, it has been patched to work on PNA devices. TIP: If you ar
  6. http://rapidshare.com/files/208420886/navi.rar no pass TIP: Changing only the .exe file into the old 8.3.2.X structure with the one from the upper link, you will have the standard IGO8 loading and About screens:
  7. It will not work with Avic S1 , I made several attempts to solve it but couldn't . One more thing , dont try to install different scheems or scheem changer IT WILL NOT WORK with Avic S1 Pioneer cant run it .
  8. If you do a hard reset you will have to reinstall unlocker its not big of a deal 10 sec. You shouldn't lose Igo8 installation . Some thin wrong wit your files , not sys.txt ( sys.txt is only working when software is running, but there maybe a mistake that tells the software to crush or lose system savings and it could make that problem ) Pioneer is not like the other PDA/PNA devices If you do small thing incorrect it will not run .
  9. Ok the best way for you to install iGO8 to SD card ( minimum 2GB card needed ) is to use Win CE unlocker . I am happy with WinCE unlocker V3 , their are other versions avalable . Extract put the files "autorunCE.exe and mnavdce.cab" on sd card put SD card in Avic do a hard reset from the back of Avic at the beginning of the install click "yes to all" When restarted your windows use 'File Explorer" to brows your Avic folders Folder "Storage card" is you SD card now just open it and install any navigation software. After it is all installed and running the iGo8 will be always activ
  10. Best way is just to use SD card reader to transfer files you need to SD card Or The best way to have capability with all programs that dont want to run on Vista is to download from Microsoft web site "Virtual PC 2007" its free and you can run different OS at the same time on 1 PC http://www.microsoft.com/downloadS/deta ... laylang=en
  11. The best way to have capability with all programs that dont want to run on Vista is to download from Microsoft web site "Virtual PC 2007" its free and you can run different OS at the same time on 1 PC http://www.microsoft.com/downloadS/details.aspx?FamilyID=04d26402-3199-48a3-afa2-2dc0b40a73b6&displaylang=en
  12. Yes it is with all the buildings and so......... But disappointing part is that IGO8 made not to many buildings for Canadian map . I live in Toronto and can only see them if I am in downtown USA has more , but Europe is loaded . I think its really stupid of them not to care about NA market . Anyway the software it self is the best I have seeing yet , great graphics, great routing and so........... Avic original soft just nothing against iGO8 . One more sad thing is that Bluetooth is disabled , and no solution for it yet. Honestly I dont care about bluetooth , it was crappy any way
  13. Yes and its only for Mio maps !!!!!!!!!!As for IGO8 I had to compile files from different places to get it working .Took me all night to have iGO8 2009 version with all new maps and speed cams and so ... You guys can try it and when you done screwing with it get back to me Good luck !!!
  14. You must use Windows XP only !!!!!!!!!!!!! Not compaible with Vista !!!!!!!!
  15. YOU MUST USE WINDOWS XP ONLY TO MOD AVIC S1 1.First you have to unlock it with WinCE unlocker v3 or v4 , 2. then you will have windows runing on your Avic . 3. Next step you will need SD card ( if its for Mio V3.3 then 512 mb card will be ok , if iGO8 then you will need 2Gb card to be safe and get more maps on it ) then you will load all the files to run on your Avic and not loosing the original Pioneer soft . If you need I will instruct you farther and give you links to get files you need .
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