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  1. AVIC - N3 bypass - paperclip method

    just FYI you have to use liquid butane refill cans or the "can air" to spay off dust from your computer. just flip both or them(you just have to use one or the other, not both) upside down and spray on the sticker. you want to freeze the SH** out of it and then use the razer blade. OR like i posted the first time just use a damn paper clip.
  2. AVIC - N3 bypass - paperclip method

    ground the GREEN wire to the BLACK wire, that is what us people in the 12v world like to call GROUND!!!! by doing this and the mod. you will get dvds to play while driving and the nav also works while driving. you can even get nav. directions on screen while watching a dvd if you change the view. look it up in the user man. FYI- nav. installes are not for your one or two radio "back yard installers". look into paying a true installer on the side to help hook it up.... the bigest thing most people dont know how to test for is the VSS. if you need more help with finding the VSS on your car write back with the make and year and i will help you by looking it up.
  3. AVIC - N3 bypass - paperclip method

    take a paper clip and open it up 1/2 way. you need about a 1" of it to be strait. take a make a 90* at the tip about 1/16" this pic was posted by some one else so you can see what you are doing with the paper clip. look in the pic: *take the paper clip and place it in to the slit (red) *take a bright flash light and shin it in to the other slit (yellow) *if you follow the blue arow, at the end of the case you will see a slit on the side of the n3( when following the blue arow). *the lite green is the the factory set and the dark green line is the bypassed. *by doing all of this you should be able to see in the slit at the side of the case and see the switch and using the paper clip push it in to slide the switch. the 90* helps push it over and if you have to send it in for service you can use the paper clip to slide the switch back in to place. when done right you dont void the warranty and get video while you drive witch we all want.