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  1. Android Auto issues on 2015 Generation NEX

    i have galaxy s4 on sprint running lolipop, had android auto come up once but then froze up ,tried everything from uninstalling aa and still no luck, what is cm 12.1 and how do i get it on my phone ,
  2. n3 acting up

    got it loose ribbon cable
  3. n3 acting up

    ok all of a sudden my n 3 is doing weird stuff ,1st volume will only work if im pressing the pos button, also if I press the pos button multible times it changes the catergory on the Sirius where the top button on the screen should ,pretty much lost all of the top buttons on the screen stuck on video screen can not get any navi to work and tried a different disk it reads it but that's it ,cannot get into the setting , reset the unit and nothing can not manually close the screen or flip it down momentarily and but the source button still works just not sure if this is a ribbon cable issue or do I need to send it to pioneer
  4. difference in maps

    can anyone tell me if there is any difference betwen the 90mt discs to the 110 discsand if anyone has them close to west palm beach fl
  5. cndv 80 download issues

    trying to down load the 80 discs and the links dont seem to be coming up ,so if anyone can help me i would be greatful plesae note that i have looked all over on here and keep coming up with the same problem ,the link will not open
  6. back up copy problems

    im using memorex and would it really make a difference if i use a different speed and if so is there a specific speed to use when burning or even some type of format ,when i burned acopy it was just a step by step process that i followed to copy ,it did take a long time to copy over an hour which i thought was long ,
  7. back up copy problems

    heres what i did ,took my navi disc and copied it to my computer,then using nero ,i made a copy,which now has all the navi info on it ,i used a dl disc and my computer did copy it correctly so why cant i seem to get the copy i just made to work ,keeps reading invalid disc or reading error ,isd there other formats on nero that need to be looked at before burning a copy ,any help would be great
  8. pioneer tech department

    ok well got off the phone with pioneer tech.and was told that although the ribbon cable was a free fix that because the unit was bypassed , (sodder n2 )that there would be a 200.00 cost ,due to the fact they cant send the unit back out with it bypassed ,so looks like i get a whole new mother board for 200.00 which i dont seem to be a bad deal ,,also they had no idea about the upgrade n1 bypass ,or for that matter this GREAT WEBSITE ...
  9. CNDV-60MP on ebay

    i purchased some from a seller in arizona and they were good copies ,purple disc and quick shipping
  10. remotes

    looking for as close as we can get full function remote,to use on my n2 right now have a cxb9118,works most ot the functions ,just didnt know if some one has been able to hack into any remotes to get things like telephone search from remote or the scroll cursor to work with a remote
  11. pioneer tech department

    technically it is ,but i did do the bypass ,n2 so we will see what they have to say ,
  12. pioneer tech department

    actually they never talked about if the unit was still under warranty,well i just sent it out ,so i will keep everyone up to date on what happens ,
  13. everyone email pioneer

    pioneer tells me that if i email them on any suggestions that i might have for there units that their marketing department does in fact look at them,so any suggestions that we all have (like a full function remote) might just end up in their new units ,
  14. pioneer tech department

    just got off the phone with pioneer ,and they are now fixing the ribbon cable issue for free ,thats why we can no longer buy it ourselves,but they also say that the ribbon cable ONLY causes the screen to go black , so from what i read on here so far there are other problems that the ribbon cable causes .just letting everyone know what pioneer is telling me ,also have to send unit to ohio or california for repair .
  15. button problems

    ok here goes ,my eq button wont lite up or work ,the band button dosent work and when you press in the knob on the right the menu does not come up either ,just happened out of the blue ,and i already tried a different face plate ,i think the eq lite is in face because the other face lite up, but same problems with each face plate ,running a n1 with n2 brain with upgraded maps ,