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  1. F700BT iPod/iPhone left channel dies

    I have that cable, but I use it for my TV at home... Guess I could just buy another one.
  2. F700BT iPod/iPhone left channel dies

    Well, I may be doing that this week. I listen to the music on my iPod/iPhone far too much. I also need to do the E-Brake bypass on the unit. FYI - this unit has no modifications except the upgrade to 3.0...
  3. Okay, first things first. This is an intermittent problem. It started happening 6 months ago in my Tacoma. I sold the Tacoma, and moved my system to my Volkswagen, and the problem persists. It happens probably 2-3 times every two weeks. However, it is becoming more frequent. First the information... Car 1: 2007 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Replaced: Base stereo Car 2: 2004 Volkswagen Golf GL TDI Replaced: Base stereo - NOT THE MONSOON SYSTEM Headunit: Pioneer AVIC-F700BT (from SonicElectronix 2 years ago) CD-IU230V iPod/iPhone interface cable (from Best Buy 2 years ago) GEX-P920XM XM Tuner (from eBay - used) External: iPod Classic 120GB 2.01 software iPhone 3GS 8GB iOS 4.1 software Stock speakers in all four doors GM-D7500M Amplifier (from coworker) TS-SW1041D Pioneer Premier 10" Subwoofer (from SonicElectronix 2 years ago) Now the problem... While listening to music on the iPhone or the iPod. The left channel will suddenly drop out and become static at a very low volume. Switching between the iPod and the iPhone doesn't seem to make a difference. It happens on either one, but I mostly listen to the iPhone as the iPod stays at my desk at work. The only solution to this is to turn off the car and turn it back on. This doesn't always work either. I have double checked all the connections, and none are loose. One other possibly unrelated issue - the iPhone does not always charge. Sometimes I will get a message saying that the accessory does not support iPhone charging. These two issues rarely happen at the same time.
  4. Offroad Mode on F700BT?

    Is there any way to show actually position on the F700BT (turn off MAP MATCHING)? I am currently running running Firmware 2.00, but I will be upgrading to 2.06 this weekend. I have Firmware 3.0 coming my way next week from Crutchfield.
  5. back up

    NOOB question here - How big of an SD Card will I need for this? I am trying to backup my F700BT so that I can apply some of the posted DATA.ZIP files. I am trying to cover all of my bases as to not brick my brand new head unit. Cheers!