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  1. Avic X920BT upgraded to X940BT stuck at version 5.

    Thanks Ron, that worked like a charm I took it to 5.1 then to firmware 6. Next I'll order the 2017 maps not sure if I should order them for the 940 or the 920. I have another question that might be better suited to a new thread. Do the usb inputs on the X series have the ability to accept/ pass a digital audio signal directly to the onboard dac or is the usb input limited to analog only? I didn't see a thread asking that question but I'm thinking someone on this forum might be able to answer it.
  2. Avic X920BT upgraded to X940BT stuck at version 5.

    I understand my 920 is running version 5, which I'm thinking is the firmware version of the 940. I completely understand hardware didn't get upgraded to a 940. Does that mean I don't need to go to 5.1 before ordering / installing the 2017 maps? I'm happy with the way the unit is working if it doesn't need anything more than to install the latest maps that's great, if it's going to lose some functionality then I'll install whatever it needs.
  3. Hi, I followed along with the instructions to update an X920 to an X940. I currently have a nicely updated unit operating on Firmware Version 5 and BT version 3.32. I would like to purchase the latest 2017 maps from Navigation.com but I'm reading that I need to get to firmware 5.1 before I install any additional updates. I can't seem to find a version 5.1 update anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks,