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  1. TV Tuners...anyone have them on a F900bt

    Thanks for all the help...I will let you know when I get it finished.
  2. TV Tuners...anyone have them on a F900bt

    so you don't need one from pioneer, just a standard digital converter box will work?
  3. I'm wanting to put a TV tuner in and was wondering if anyone has one installed and which ones are good?? Any help would be great. Thanks
  4. Ok things seem to be working fine for now. Here is the list of what I did... 1) Go the link http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=127139#127139 go down to 2nd post and download the files for Test Mode. Put the 2 files "mitacap and testmode" on the root of your SD card. 2) Next insert your SD card with the test mode files on it and start your vehicle. Allow the unit to copy over the files and then the screen will turn green. Take your stylus and close it out in the upper right hand corner. You should now see the windows screen. 3) Open the Folder "My Flash Drive". There should be about 10-15 files in there. Look for the files named " gpspara0.bin, gpspara1.bin, gpspara2.bin and gpspara3.bin . These are the files you need to delete. I connected my USB drive and copied them over to there first just incase I had a problem. Thats up to you. They will be recreated once you turn your unit back on. These are the only 4 files that I deleted. 4) Once this done disconnect your USB drive and remove your SD card from the slot. Then take your stylus and push and hold "5 seconds" the reset button, this is the small little button near the eject button. 5) Give it a minute or 2 to boot up and then you need to go in and reset your EQ, presets, and GPS Home. This is the way that fixed my problem hopefully it will work for others.
  5. Just finished up... Everything seems to be working good. I'm headed out for a 2 hour ride, hopefully there won't be any problems. Thanks again for everything.
  6. Thanks, I will be trying this tonight. I hope it works.
  7. Ok, now how do I boot the unit into test mood?
  8. I have recently updated the firmware to 2.0 and the unit seem to work fine for a couple minus the long delay on the BT to disconnect but thats another problem. About 5 days later I get in my truck and the unit turns on and i go to select a A/V source and it reboots and continues to reboot every time you start to mess with it. Its almost like its freezing up and then justs reboots itself. I can not get into any menu screens or any thing to see whats going on. Has anyone had this problem or know what i can do to fix the problem. Thanks