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  1. Does anyone know where the ini file is in a z140 to increase how many street names show on the map?
  2. I have the z140 with 4.001 does not let me past
  3. When I try to move the map around to see other areas it moves back to cursor after 5 seconds. Smart zoom and smart zoom restore are both off I have turned off button fade. I am using mod MB-IDT3.0-3b.
  4. I am trying to find where the x and y settings for the bar at the bottom right side of the nav screen that shows what the av status is.
  5. On some of these new mods all the font colors are controlled in a custom settings tab that sets all fonts the same. I would like to know how exclude some things like the clock or elevation so I can set them different colors in the navigatemap_800_480.
  6. eppler

    Z AND W ?

    Thank you very much!!!
  7. eppler

    Z AND W ?

    What does the z and w setting do?
  8. eppler

    Map zoom

    On an earlier version3.0 I could zoom out in 2d and see the whole US as a map now I just see blobs of different colors is there a setting to change this?
  9. do you have your phone connected? it would only show up if you have bluetooth connection Sorry My phone did not auto connect.
  10. Hey IDT I don't see the call button on the POI information screen.
  11. Why would you want to see the time every 40 secs? Just add 40 secs to the last time you looked at it. The purpose of the signs is when you have a route it highlights the sign that you're supposed to use. I agree, there's really no purpose of having them when you don't have a route entered, but they really don't bother me much, except for blocking the time, which isn't a biggie, since I can just tap it to see it. I'm sure eventually one of the great hackers on this site will figure out how to remove it from the new update. I don’t remember saying anything about wanting to see the time!
  12. one time in navigatemap_800_480.ui five times in navigatemap.ui two of them are this runif vStateMode "" 'run sc_Show2DInstance,btnNMB_Cursor.y 197, btnNMB_Cursor.show, btnNMB_Pos.y 197, btnNMB_Pos.show' four times in rout.ui btnNMB_Pos.y 197 btnNMB_Cursor.y 197 I am sure there are more!!
  13. And it will come right back before next exit! So just tap it again. The only reason I don't want to see the signs is because it blocks the time. Whenever I want to know what time it is, I'll just tap the sign. No biggie. I don’t bother tapping it because the rout I take back and forth to work I would be tapping every 40 seconds or less.That’s why I would like them to just go away. I just don’t see the point of them I can see the one on the Hwy without taking my eyes off the road.
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