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  1. Hi Everyone, Nothing is really wrong with the unit, but I've had it with this setup. How do I go about moving the navigation instructions from being said from my rear speakers to the front. I am assuming there will be some type of splicing and interchanging of wires in the wire harness. Any ideas as to which one? Thank you in advance folks!
  2. Even when I am driving my system would turn off then turn back on then looses all everything that I saved. It even happens when I am parked and on idle. Any suggestions to what might be causing this?
  3. Cliffnotes: * Car barely turns over or needs a couple or more tries before it turns on * Definitely need a new Optima battery but will that solve the problem? * Most is not all the time I lost presets on radio station i've selected * Car would be running but radio would die then turn back on I'll try to make this short. I have a show car that was off commission for close to 6 months without being used. I have an Optima Yellow Top battery there. Since Ive started using it, I figure the battery needs replacement since the car has trouble turning over (engine turning on). Regardless even if the car turns on without a problem my presets on my radio disappears. SOMETIMES when I'm driving the AVIC unit dies then turns back on. What are my problems and solution to this? I'm thinking I might need to re-install the whole unit to make sure that the power and ground wires are securely on or have a good connection. Please help me out. Thanks in advance!