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  1. Insert appropriate disc thing and burning

    Both are pretty much the same. It seems that one was cheaper than the other, but I don't remember. Since I have used both......get the cheapest one.
  2. UNSOUNDBAXTA.................... This is what you wrote on a reply on Dec 11th I decided to update to new maps and now I constantly get "insert appropriate disk" I did all the searches and found how to get into the service menu and when I view the "version check" it lists the current versions. System program, Application Program, but under GPS program it lists NG. I have tried numerous times to force write the GPS Program. When I attempt to force write it, it shows... 1. PC ATA Card = NG 2. Disk = Version 4.40 So I click on number 2 and hit the map button to force write the program and it starts for about 1/10 of a sec then says.... DVD - Flash [ ng ] I have tried to and succeeded to downgrade the programs back to the original disk but it never works for the GPS program it just shows NG. It does work for the System Program and the Application program. I viewed each of the disks and and can see the neccessary gps program on the disk but just can't get it to load onto the unit. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thankskcaxt Posts: 1 Joined: Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:44 pm Private messageTop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Report this postReply with quoteRe: GPS = NG - Pioneer Avic D1 by UnsoundBaxta on Fri Dec 11, 2009 9:10 pm Then you wrote on the SAME day: So as noted above and you see the version (1.5) and the install bar go to 100% but you also see the NG and it does not change.....what issue is holding it back from upgrading. I followed your instructions, and as said , saw the version 1.5, saw the loading bar go to 100, but still it says NG. You said on you in the first reply that you had the same problem. Did the procedure in the second reply get rid of the NG? And what appeared?
  3. Insert appropriate disc thing and burning

    Back to square one, although I appreciate the input very much. When you insert the disc, it is recognized as Version 1.5. However it still appears as NG and does not appear to load. So if I read you correctly, If it did not see Version 1.5 the DVD drive or disc would be bad. So I conclude that I don't have a bad drive or disc. But what does not happen is the loading operation. I have seen the % bar come up and it appeared to load..... but the display of the NG never changes. Thanks for the reply UnsoundBaxta..........I will continue the battle.
  4. There has been a huge amount of discussion on this subject. One that has personally frustrated me too. There does not seem to be a clear fix for this. I am a computer tech and spent an hour "discussing" this problem with Pioneer. It was like spending time with a used car salesman. No answer, lots of baloney. I see in this forum that "CNDV-80MT Download and how to Burn" has some good idea's about the changing of language. And some ideas on using TDK, Verbatim, Memorex etc. I am still working on the problem. Many have asked where to, or how to access the built in test section of the memory. I have the service manual and a pioneer test disc. My D3 will not recognize the test disc or any other disc for that matter (CD,DVD,DVD2). Always giving me the "Insert appropriate...." This being said, I did get into the on board test section (Section 6.9 pg 224 Navigation Test Mode) I only included 3 pages for the sake of space on the forum. Frankly once you can get in, you can snoop all you want. WARNING... I am not telling you how to, where to go, what to change, or giving you any advice at all. You do whatever you do at your OWN RISK. I wanted to make that CRYSTAL clear to everyone. Hell, I haven't figured out how to get mine working again. However, I did try the changing language in the test menu. I believe it is under "Program Forced Write". Changed it to Spanish because my OEM says English/Spanish (Red Disc 70mt) Then I hit the reset pin on the outside of the unit and the system rebooted and again ask me for the appropiate disc. I put the OEM disc back into the unit and it not only reads the disc.....but comes up with the install bars indicated that "1" is installing.....then "2". When it reaches the end of installing "2" (This was only one disc, I don't know why it says one and two) it comes up and says "Please eject the disc and insert the appropiate disc AGAIN." I eject the disc and stick it back in and all I get is the Insert the appropriate dic warning again.The same message that I can't seem to get rid of. So I still have a Avic-D3 that I can't use the Navi system or a music cd, or a movie or my ipod. The only thing I can get at this point is the radio. I now know that it does read discs. I also know that the D3 see's the software versions,etc. However, when I go into the GPS assessment it gives me an error 53. I haven't been able to find out what that is yet. So, untill I can get a Pioneer test disc to work (which has a ton of tests) I can only do what you have tried. The 80mt disc, new or burned seems to have been a problem. I am going to continue working on getting my unit back to how it was. Then I will start looking into the 80mt problem. I hope this helps someone. AND AGAIN......use this info at YOUR OWN RISK. I take no responsibilty if you screw something up because of this post