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  1. 2009 Scion xB Release Series 6 with Avic F900BT

    Hey this is interesting to hear about, I am sad that I don't still have my old Kappa's! Any tips or info about how to replace the factory tweeters, or how big the replacements can be? Did you connect them to the factory wires or run new? Did you add a crossover or use whatever's already in the xB? Sorry for all the questions but I am interested to hear anything you can share! Thanks.
  2. 2009 Scion xB Release Series 6 with Avic F900BT

    Thanks guys, I have completed my 3.0 upgrade and my hardware bypass, and everything worked OK on a short 25mph test ride. Here's our accumulated wisdom: Hardware bypass for Avic F900BT on the 2009 Scion xB Release series 6 1. Pull the fascia off the dash around the radio (big piece with vents and small piece underneath the radio), undo bolts, pull radio. 2. Relocate mute wire as detailed elsewhere. I pushed the pin out with a nail and pulled it into its new location with a needlenose pliers. You will probably want to remove some or all of the wrap tape on the radio wires to continue. I just pulled it off. 3. Using tap splice conectors and a short length of wire, connect the relocated mute wire to the radio ground wire (black wire pin 15 on the power harness). You don't need to cut the relocated mute wire. 4. Locate the parking brake wire on the power harness. On the xB plug it's red and white, NOT green. 5. Using the same methods and materials as step 3, connect the parking brake wire to the same radio ground wire. (At this point, you can check your work by seeing if the Address button works without the parking brake on.) 6. CUT the red-and-white parking break wire on the CAR side of the tap splice connecter you installed. In other words, the red and white parking brake wire from the radio should be electrically connected to the radio ground wire and nothing else. If you skip this step, the car will think your parking brake is always on and will beep at you incessantly. (Ask me how I know). I did NOT have to perform and software mods to get this to work. Now my passenger can navigate, dial, and play video while the car is driving. PLEASE don't play with the radio too much while you are driving -- I don't want you to kill somebody. It would be so easy.
  3. 2009 Scion xB Release Series 6 with Avic F900BT

    Thanks guys, it's great to make contact with other RS6 owners! xbin* thanks a lot for the mod help! Kevin, check the back of your unit to make sure the wired remote is plugged in. It's a little plug that looks like a mini headphone jack. The avic is installed by hand at the port, I think, and it would be easy for any installer to miss this. The service dept might do a good job but you might be able to fit it yourself. Just pull off the fascia around the radio and then undo the bolts you see. Tip: put a think blanket or pillow on the console where you will rest the head unit, there are a lot of sharp edges that could mess up your nice new car.
  4. 2009 Scion xB Release Series 6 with Avic F900BT

    Hey guys thanks for posting, sorry I never saw your replies sooner. Jimmygunz, I'm gonna open the dash again in the next couple days when my 3.0 chip gets here and if I can get a couple minutes I will snap and post about what's in there. They did a good job integrating the head unit with the car, the GPS is very accurate so they must have hooked up the speed wire -- sorry I can't tell you where, they shrinkwrapped all the wiring which is why I am having such a hard time with the mod. The ipod connection lives inside the glovebox, which on balance I prefer since my ipod mostly lives in the car.
  5. Issues with iPods

    I have the same problem with my 80GB 5th gen, really disappointed to hear it still happens with 3.0 My ipod firmware is up to date and I am using the Pioneer cables. Wonder what else we could try? Do you have this problem if you connect the iPod after system startup, or only when you start the car/boot the system with the ipod already attached?
  6. Anybody besides me get their F900BT in a new Scion xB? It would be great to get in touch and share notes. I am nervous about making the hardware handbrake mod but I think I have identified the correct wires.
  7. Testmode - editing files

    I was hoping for the same thing, I am xp expert but ce noob. Dunno if we can just load and exe on the testmode chip or what. Have not had time to google. Thanks.