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  1. PS2 won't play PS1 games

    Resolution is irrelevant for composite
  2. OBDII/Dash/Car stats / possible programs?

    Anyone care to talk about the new mod that Russian guy made with the OBDII software integrated?
  3. Look this mod

    Someone needs to find this russian and pick his brain we need a damn screen off button!!!!!! oh, and an full English version.
  4. Pre Outs Dead?

    seriously noone has an idea to fix this?
  5. Pre Outs Dead?

    seriously noone has an idea to fix this?
  6. Pre Outs Dead?

    Help Please???
  7. Pre Outs Dead?

    okay, now this is the part i dont understand... im running a line driver to ramp the shitty 2V preouts that go to my bose amps to 4V... Now i have everything wired up to a computer PSU right now... and no whine and its plenty loud? I dont get this!!!!!!!!! Can someone give me the run down of what i would be experiencing with blown outputs????? please!
  8. Pre Outs Dead?

    Hey everyone.. I Love my F Series.. And... Im having some serious issues.. One day out of the blue.. Whining. Even with the engine off. Ive tried everything.. Harness, grounds, RCA's... So where do i go from here? How much is it going to cost to get this fixed? Or how about anyone selling the necessary parts to fix this?
  9. OBDII/Dash/Car stats / possible programs?

    Linux can be run on absolutely anything, im suprised noone has put forth the effort to run it on these.
  10. Guts

    while on the subject of flash meemory do you happen to know the transfer rate for the SD card slot? im assuming its a wimpy 4 Mbps...
  11. OBDII/Dash/Car stats / possible programs?

    http://www.limitless.co.nz/evoscan/Down ... 8ED8A01E98
  12. Bypass Parking INI file

    do a hard bypass and update to 3.0... seriously man
  13. Customize Desktop with Wolf NCU

    am i the onyl person whos actually interested in this? i will say.. im having problems getting it set up..
  14. Customize Desktop with Wolf NCU

    Yes, but can it be switched to English? Testing Soon.
  15. IDT skin#2 v3.0 12/30/10 (download link updated)

    Hey IDT howd you do a screen off button????