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  1. Best Single Din

    I bought the F700BT a few years back because it seemed to be the most compatible double din headunit with the iphone (video playback/charging/onscreen controls/etc.) now I've got a new car that doesn't have a double din opening so I'm looking for a single din f series replacement that is equally compatible with the iphone, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. F900BT - Splash Screen then "off".

    I finally had a chance to try test mode and I can access windowsce so I'm hoping copying over the iGo folder will fix it, I'm just happy that it seems to be a software issue.
  3. F900BT - Splash Screen then "off".

    Add me to the list, although I have an F700. It has been working great for a few weeks and all of a sudden the screen stays black after the Pio logo goes away, audio is still going though.