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  1. It looks like the link now shows that 2017 maps are now available for the 130, is this true? If so I may have to see if I can find it. I'd love to be able to keep my nag screen hack though! EDIT: Nevermind I see your post in the other section now For those of you that stumble across this old post check out the hacks/mods section !
  2. dash cam integration?

    Has anyone done any sweet dash cam integrations? I see all these cams with screens nowadays but to be honest I'd rather just hook it up to my avic. Just wondering what you guys have come up with?
  3. use z-series harness on NEX?

    no worries! Thanks for the info. At least I know what I'm up against when I pick it up
  4. use z-series harness on NEX?

    Hey guys, I'm on my 3rd Avic unit over the years, starting from the N1 all the way up to the z130. I've been lucky enough to keep swapping head units without the need to change the wiring harness (I did a very nice soldering job lol). I'm looking at getting the 8200nex now, and was just wondering if I will be able to do the same thing, basically just plug and play. Realistically, I don't mind installing a new harness, but the last couple units I've crossed into the USA (I live in Canada) to purchase, and it's nice to drop it in the dash before coming back through customs Thanks!
  5. Z140BH start up noise

    Is the screen moving in or out at all? If not, can you move it in and out if you do it manually? I'm just wondering if the unit is trying to move the screen and it's binding somewhere. I've fixed a few avics that had this issue.
  6. Hey fellas, I have a z130 that I updated thanks to this site to the 2015 z140 maps if I remember correctly. I'm just wondering though, are there any other updates available? Are 2016 maps available, even as a purchase? I looked on ebay and couldn't really find anything newer than 2015 so I thought Id post here in case I'm losing my mind Thanks!
  7. Hey folks Quick question for the pros out there coming from the avic-z series. I've had a few avics over the years, and the last couple ones used the same wiring harness. That allowed me to install my z130 without having to resolder the wires. I don't mind doing that, but to be honest I sometimes drive down south of the border (I'm canadian) and do a swap before coming back over the border to help with customs Just wondering if I need to take my soldering stuff with me, or if the new nex8100 will use the same wiring harness as my z130? Thanks for your time!
  8. need help want a hard drive based headunit

    my z3 has a harddrive and it rips CDs to the internal drive and stores them as a library...so no ipod needed...although I do have an iphone its great feature for people that still buy CDs So yes, hard drive units do have benefits!