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  1. Uploading Custom Backgrounds to AVIC-D3

    i still can't do this after a year of playing with it. Anyone have any guidance on how to do this with a mac? i have Toast, resized to 500x240 and saved as .jpg with photoshop. Nothing. The D3 says to 'make a picture folder, bla bla bla'. i should add, in Toast, i burn the CD as readable for PC only and not mac/pc. UPDATE: today i got the D3 to read the file folder, but it saids there isn't any files in the folder. I have tried the names as "photo1" "photo1.jpeg" "photo1.jdg". Photoshop automatically save all jpeg as "jpg" and not "jpeg". I have went in the extension name and changed the file names both ways and burned the CD and still doesn't work. really need some input here.
  2. Nav Antenna

    You need to recalibrate the GPS.
  3. hello, I have a D3 system that has been installed and working for over a year now. No issues until today. Everything checks out good with the system, but it shoes the GPS antenna plugged in, with the green thingy, but No signal strength. I reset the system to 'factory', no help, restarted the car about 5 times, no help. Unpluged the battery for 10mins, no help. Any idea what is wrong?? It worked great for a year and now it can't see an bloody thing. Richmond, VA area. 04' Passat GLS Geoff
  4. Uploading Custom Backgrounds to AVIC-D3

    Stupid question If the D3 can see a .jpg, then in theory it can see .gif any ideas?
  5. Changing Background On Avic-D2 using a MAC!

    As far as I understand it, you need to burn a cd/dvd with no more then 10 .jps with 520X120 res. there are theads that explains how to do it. don't matter if it is by a PC or MAC. I use a MacBook Pro, no issues here.