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  1. Microphone quality

    So just got my U310BT all installed and it seems to be working nicely. My only complaint is that I the voice quality when using the microphone over BT is horrible. People sound great on my end, but I sound "far away" to everyone else. This is even if I talked directly into the microphone. Is this a common problem with other Pioneer units? Is it possible to get a different microphone that may work a bit better?
  2. U310BT Parking Brake Bypass

    Wiring the parking break directly to ground does not work on these models. I just tried it on my U310BT. What did work was a simple relay bypass. $6 from Radioshack:
  3. U310BT Parking Brake Bypass

    I haven't tried it. Everything I have read says that Pioneer has made it more difficult than that in new units.
  4. U310BT Parking Brake Bypass

    Awesome, I'm the first to post any U310BT questions I guess. So I just got my AVIC U310BT in the mail and am looking at the harness and trying to figure out how to do a parking break bypass. I've looked at all the other bypass guides, and I don't see a "mute"/yellow and black wire on this. There are also no removable pins, so moving the wires will be mighty hard. Any ideas? Is there a software way to do it? I'm really just interested in being able to use navigation while driving.