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  1. I have the same issue in my BMW X5. I added a resistor yesterday in line to the single signal wire and it did not fix that issue. Although I did have an issue with the horm pressing the band the button and that was fixed with the resistor.
  2. Thank you. Reviewed that thread and its exactly whats happening. I still have to add a resistor to the SWI though since the horn presses the band button. it affects the AM/FM/XM only but very annoying and embarassing when you drive a bmw that acts this way.
  3. So now I just have to add a resistor to my SWI since when I honk the horn it changes the band when on Am/FM/XM. pretty funny since my friends ask why do you honk 4 times? Duh... that how you get back to the original song.
  4. I think I will try geting rid of the relay for now. Instead I will buy one of these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2-NEW-HID-KIT-ERROR-WARNING-CANCELLER-CAPACITOR-BMW-E90_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem45f0e2be23QQitemZ300394135075QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories I think they have a built in cap to prevent the flicker therefore it may draw the power from that instead of the battery. I will also remove the resistors since this item replaces it and will simplify the install. I will let you guys know if this works.
  5. Yes I am using a relay. The battery in my car is in the rear along with the original car radio harness. I had to run everything up to the front for the Z110. Under the hood there is a 12V post in which I plugged the 12V constant from the relay. I could not use the power from the original fog light harness since it caused a warning on my dash that the light was out. Instead there are resistors to fool the dash light. What if I use a cap for the foglight instad of the head unit? Maybe it can draw the power from there instead and wiring is much easier since its all under the hood. An
  6. I am unable to avoid using a harness due to the BMW wiring. Can this still be done using a capacitor? I have easy access to the constant 12V and Acc 12V going to the HU. Does anyone know what size cap and how to wire it? Also should I do it to both 12V or just the constant? Thanks all. BTW I do have an upgraded HID fogs.
  7. Hi All, I have a Z110BT in a BMW X5 with a SWI-PS. For some strange reason when I turn on my Fog lights the radio sound for that source shuts off. Its not muted or Att but just off. When I switch sources the volume on that source still works, but when I turn the fog light off then back on again then that sources sound also shuts off. When I switch sources to the a different source the volume slowly responds even though the volume number on the screen has already changed. Anyone know what causes this. I am guessing that there is voltage being sent through the SWI which triggers thi
  8. I have my mic located above my rear view mirror. I put electrical tape around the outside to cover the holes on the side and people have not complained since although I have not asked if the quality is ok. My idea was to keep the echo less and focus the sound picked up from the front holes.
  9. I called up and they said I am getting a refund for $104.07. This is awesome since I got the $99 lifetime subsciption 2 months ago. Somehow I made money on the deal even though the MSN Direct tuner will be useless in 2012. Thanks guys.
  10. Awesome install. Did you end up losing the car computer functions?
  11. Can I purchase a different mic for Z110? Every person I have spoke to on it says its a little bit difficult to understand me but I never had a problem with my old Bluetooth. The old one was a hardwired motorola bluetooth car kit (IHF1000). Maybe I can use the mic that came from that but I am not sure if it has a potential to damage the HU. I have tried different placements and it seems like 8" away from my face is the best position but this means I have to lean forward since its placed by the rear view mirror. The motorola mic design is a little different and its shaped like the lette
  12. I saw some videos about the W505 and it looked really good. Everyone compares the Z to the 9140 but is alpine in a different class? Thanks
  13. I am able to view the ipod video on the rear screen on mine. After testing all different scenarios I have found that only video sources can be viewed on the rear screen such as ipod video or disc. I did not test the SD card video but I amd guessing that would work too. You cannot view the map screen or any of the other default pioneer screen for each sources. The screen goes blank once you switch from Ipod video to ipod music. When you select mirror in the settings you will only get video in the rear when you are watching video at front. I am able to be n the nav on the front and the rear
  14. fe342185


    Thank you for the video. Saved me a few bucks. From the video it did not look like a significant improvement or one that is worth $30. I think I will just tint my windows and the top of the windsield. Thanks again.
  15. I have AM. Did you press the band button? AM/FM is disabled on the shortcut screen but it sholdbe in the HD radio tuner.
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