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  1. aux input

    FYI: I found it 1) Function display Shows the function names. 1 Touch the source icon and then touch “SOURCE OFF” to turn source off. When the source icon is not displayed, you can display it by touching the screen. 2 Touch “A.MENU” and then touch “INITIAL” to display the function names. The function names are displayed and operable ones are selected. When “A.MENU” is not displayed, you can display it by touching the screen. To return to the previous display, touch “BACK”. To return to the display of each source, touch “ESC”. Switching the auxiliary setting It is possible to use auxiliary equipment with navigation unit. Activate the auxiliary setting when using auxiliary equipment connected to navigation unit. 1 Touch “AUX” in the INITIAL menu. Touching
  2. aux input

    How do you enable the aux input, i cant remember on the avic n1.
  3. wanted cndv -40mt 1.2 or latest

    Anyone have a new or burned version of the cndv-40mt 1.2 or whatever the latest version was. I have an east coast disc to possibly trade.
  4. N-1 map discs

    I am lookin for a set of original map discs for my n-1. I think the latest version is 1.3, correct? I dont want to upgrade to the newest ones because of the lockout and im to lazy to have the internal by pass done. Any help would greatly appreciated.