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  1. Samething mines mounted inside the dash behind the navigation
  2. 05 cr v vss

    Hi I was wondering where is the easiest to tap it.thanks
  3. Navigation not moving

    Hi I just installed a z1 and the navigation icon don't move when I drive or when I try to go somewhere it just stay on 1 place. The place it stayed at is some unknown place mybe the pervious owner. Wondering can you guys help me out.
  4. hi any1 have honda logo splash picture for my z1?
  5. splash pic corrupted jpeg file

    any 1 can help me on this?
  6. hi I tried changing my splash picture and it say my jpeg is corrupted. heres what I did. my pic is 500x240 and saved as jpeg with Paint. then I drag it to folder called "Pictures" and then I used nero to burn it to cd with the folder called "Pictures" and another folder full with pictures till I hit over 100 mb and then I burn it. I putted the cd into the z1 and it say cd loaded and then I see the files name on the changing splash picture and when I click on it's say jpeg is corrupted. Did I do anything wrong?
  7. Z2 / Z3 How to upload backgrounds

    hi I got a error saying jpeg file is corrupted my size is 500x240 and I putted it in a folder called "Pictures" and then another folder with the junk files add up to 110mb. did I do anything wrong? I used neo to burn the cd since windows don't work.
  8. New Problem With My Z1

    Any1 help?
  9. My lil bro just forced a cd into my z1 and its not ejecting the cd out now, I tried to use a little piler to take it out I dont see the cd and I thought u can put another cd in and I tried to put another cd in but seems like something is blocking it. Heres the picture of the thing blocking it Uploaded with ImageShack.us Another problem is my screen wont go back up, heres a video of it not going back up Link: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/27/v5qvoobotttfidfrvaksgn.mp4/ last problem is is my screen not even? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. R Bluetooth modules good?

    Thanks. thats the only question about getting the bluetooth, cuz i heard u cant use ur phone when u have bluetooth on.
  11. R Bluetooth modules good?

    If some 1 call you and u opened bluetooth and some 1 in ur car and dont want them to listen to the conversation can u pick talk on cell phone instead or u cant pick?
  12. how to power z1 to a battary

    oky thanks if i sent it to pioneer will they help me fix everything if they charge me $200? or they gonna charge me more to fix my nav?
  13. how to power z1 to a battary

    any help?
  14. how to power z1 to a battary

    i dont know whats wrong tho any way to get the cd out?