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  1. Pac Tr7 and a relay will do the trick. Just need to program the TR7 for the extended boot up time. Do it all the time
  2. Is there a way to calibrate the touch screen when the unit ( F700BT ) boots into WinCE? I'm trying to restore it and copy/paste my files from "Storage Card" to "My Flash Disk" but i cant get a stylus to select File, Edit or any other command on the top of the window. I've looked around in program files and can't really find anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. For those of you like me who own the AVIC-U310BT, today is a great day. Pioneer just released a firmware update to fix alot of the issue the unit was having. Here is the link..... http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Products/CarAudioVideo/In-Dash/GPS-Navigation-Systems/AVIC-U310BT?tab=F
  4. no, the module takes car of muting the radio itself. the mute wire is really only needed with 3rd party bluetooth adapters, ie parrot
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