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  1. Its not that easy as you think and it also take more time than you think.. I did it as soon as I had some time available. http://rapidshare.com/files/289168613/winceimg4.rar Now, every file/rom I made I checked myself on my AVIC S2 except this one, my AVIC S2 is dead, sent it to repair, so I cant check this rom, and guarantee it works. So if it doesn't please let me know. Of course you can go to ppath.txt and change direction, takes 1 minutes, but after you turn it off you will have to do it again, with the ROM it won't loose those setting. I explained everything in the first page
  2. What exactly is running slowly? Maps for what program? there is not much place in the internal flash, so you can place the content in the sdcard: content="Storage Card\CONTENT" Well if you didnt delete it, it should be still there If you did, try flashing the original rom, then look if you can restore it from the cd. In nothing helps ask for someone with a S1 to upload that folder.
  3. Why the hell did I make this thread?? If people are not reading it and asking questions!!?? Go back and you will find this: Installation [*:3gq4vx7r]Extract the program to the root of your SD card.It should look like this: \Storage Card\iGO8 for iGO8 \Storage Card\amigo for iGO Amigo [*:3gq4vx7r]Download the maps you need. Copy the .3dl files to content\building .dem files to content\dem .fbl files to content\map .poi files to content\poi The content folder is in the main program folder(\Storage Card\iGO8 for iGO8,\Storage Card\amigo for iGO Amigo) [*:3gq4vx7r]Enter WinCE interface a
  4. iGO8 and MioMap links updated with new program version.
  5. yes..i am not sure how big the internal flash of the avic s1 but i dont think it will be enough for the app+content(maps...). Actually i dont see the point of having only the program in the internal flash..iGO without the content is only 45 mb.
  6. I cant really help as I dont have an avic s1.But here are some things that you can try. Did you downloaded my amigo?(if no, try) Change the unlock.Or even better just restore the original rom and start amigo from wince and see what happens. If nothing work you can make a shortcut in your unlock to CorePlayer(you can start it without having to start amigo)
  7. More than 800 views and more than 80 downloads... And just 5 replies, 2 by myself and the 3 others from the same person.. What did I asked for??Is it too much??
  8. hi, The "coreplayer" you mean the original mp3player that comes with the s2? How you want that middle button to look?(any icon you want me to use?) Or if you want you can make your own design and send it to me. What do you mean by "set up" the wheel? The wheel works in igo8 and igo amigo, but you will not see the volume level(the bar).
  9. Hello, Like most of you, I bought a AVIC S2 and I was very disappointed with it.The main reasons are the old navigation program and the old maps.I decided to write a guide on how I solved this problem. Before you start [*:2o131xly] If you want to have more than 1 navigation program the 1GB SD card isn't enough(You can find 2GB for less than 10$). [*:2o131xly]SD card should be formatted in FAT. [*:2o131xly]If you will use the SD card that comes with the AVIC copy the original maps to your computer for backup(or any other place) or just use another SD card. [*:2o131xly]Copy the folder
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