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  1. Maps for Japan

    SO I had a Z1 in my evo when I was in the states, then I upgraded to a Z110. Now I live in japan and I'd like to get another Z1. Does anyone know of japanese maps available in english that Can be loaded onto a Z1-3?? Thanks In advance.
  2. sirius tuner

    Thank you. It is a fact, the sir-pnr2 DOES work with the z110bt! Danny
  3. sirius tuner

    I don't mean to dout you but, i ve read on here yes the sir-pnr2 WILL work with the z110bt and I've heard not it won't. Has any one actually done the install and had the sir-pnr2 work with the z110bt?? Installing now. Danny
  4. Hello all. I found this site as I was looking for the possibility of tracking my stolen Z1 . I see it doesn't work that way. Well, looks like its time to got for a Z110BT. Danny
  5. sirius tuner

    I had a z1 installed in my car and it was stolen recently. I am going to buy the z110bt to replace it. I still have the sirius tuner sir-pnr2 installed. Is this tuner compatable? Id hate to have to buy another. Also, you can control an I pod and get cover art from the standard ipod cable to usb, but you need the additional cable to view video? Thanks all. Dan