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  1. Music Randomly Cuts Out... Help!

    please, someone has to know what is up with this
  2. Music Randomly Cuts Out... Help!

    So yesterday a problem started were all the music, except the bass, cuts out... and then will randomly come back. There doesn't seem to be any reason for why it starts and stops, it just does... And it also seems to have gotten a lot quiter, like 20 used to be a comfortable listening level, and now I have to turn it up to 30 for the same amount of volume. And also it no longer plays my iPod, the radio works, and cuts out, while the iPod is just no music whatsoever, even though the screen shows it playing and advancing through the song... Any ideas of what it could be?? And any thoughts on how to fix it??
  3. -I don't have an SD card, just a usb flash drive, I can hook it up through the usb port though. Will this work? It's 1gb -What type of file do I need? What size? -Do I need to install any files or take any files off of it? -Do I need any programs to make everything capatible? I just need general help, I've searched the forums but can't find anything that answers my questions directly.. Any help is appreciated
  4. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    I didn't make it 800x480, cuz I don't know how... Sorry.. But I think it could look nifty
  5. Just installed my AVIC-F700BT

    thanks guys, you were right about the ipod, fixed that.. also got my subs working. the reverse camera was fixed too! but when i was reinstalling everything, the ipod got weird.. now it restarts the unit each time i plug in the ipod and won't play out of it?
  6. Ok, I want to try a couple different backgrounds for my avic-f700bt, thanks to anyone willing to tackle this! Thanks! also, if there is already a general acura one, I would like to see it
  7. So I just finished installing my unit, and ran across 2 problems.. 1. Sometimes it won't go to the menu screen, but instead after the splash screen says something about the rearview and how it is reversed, and won't leave this 2. Ipod is connected and recognized, but it won't do the voice thing and when it plays no sound comes out. The radio works just fine, but I can't get it to play the ipod even though it shows the song playing and all the info Sorry if these are commonly asked questions but I am in a real rush right now and just need some help! Thanks in advance!