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  1. Het guys Can anyone do me a custom background for an Audi A4 B7 Convertible please?? Heres hoping
  2. F910BT - Got to sell it :( How much?

    47 views and not a SINGLE REPLY Come on guys Its on Enay UK if anyone in the UK is looking for one
  3. F910BT - Got to sell it :( How much?

    Hiya guys I have to sell me AVIC F910BT My Car engines gone and its going to cost way to much to repair, so I have had no choice but to get another car and it had to be quick just cant do without The new car has single Din only, so the F910BT has to go, and its not even a month old! Its a UK model, and I paid nearly £900 for it, so whats it worth? Its not marked in anyway, its not even had the fitting cage used as the Celica doesnt use them, so it really is brand new with box and everything it came with I dont want to give it away, but it needs to go, anyone want to stick there neck out and give me a fairly rough guide as to what I should be looking for? Cheers Chris
  4. TomTom on a F910BT

    well I managed to get hold of TomTom 8 and maps of UK and europe, so I may as well have another read through, and give it a go eh
  5. TomTom on a F910BT

    thanks for the reply mate Later in the post tho, well towards the end, issues with the latest firmware and testmode ect ect Just wanted to know if there was a user on there that had actually got it working on the F910
  6. TomTom on a F910BT

    Has anyone managed to get TomTom working on an F910BT (or F900 for that matter) I have the latest firmware on my F910 but even though I installed the IDT mod to make it look and run better, I've been using TomTom now for years, im so used to it, its hard trying to get to grips with this, and the navigation itself compared to TT leaves a lot to be desired (Maybe its just me lol) If anyone had accomplished this, please let me know I would love to try it Chris
  7. Ok, lesson one, read the manual lol The Multi tasking volume button does your fast forwarding and rewinding Spoke to Pioneer today, the unit only supports DivX and MP4 video files from the SD card or USB, so looks like I need to encode some more Chris
  8. Hiya guys Ok I had a JVC AVX810 before this new AVIC F910BT so it MIGHT just be me but I wanted to ask On my old unit, looking back, it seems maybe it played a lot more formats than this new unit? I have a DVD full of music vids, a couple of DivX files, some AVI's, mpegs, nothing major all pretty well know formats I assumed When I insert the same DVD in this unit only a few files play. DivX , but none of the others I had, so is it me, the unit, or what lol Also, on my old unit, I used to be able to press and HOLD the >> button or the << button, and it would fast forward or back accordingly, not now though, doing this on the F910BT simply results in the unit going forwards or back one file, I have no ff or rewind at all Im using the excellent IDT mod, but because I didn't try to do this BEFORE I modded the unit, i dont know whether the original software was OK and the MOD has caused the problem If anyone can help, please do Chris
  9. Hiya guys, Trying to get my unit to go into testmode so I can back it up before installing theIDT Mod (Thanks guy looks awesome!) I formatted a 8GB SD Card (Only one I had free) and placed ther unarchived TESTMODE folder onto it, but no matter how many times I try, the unit simply will not go into testmode, it starts with the splashscreen, then its the top menu or its OFF waiting for me to select, no WinCE Any ideas please? Chris
  10. Bypassing F9110bt gone wrong!

    Replace the MUTE WIRE with the PB? You have to MOVE the mute wire in its block to a point on the other side of the same block between two BLACK wires, and ensure its pushed FULLY HOME and the actual pin isnt damaged when you remove it from the first hole, you did this? THEN you join this newly pinned MUTE Wire to the PB wire, and ground them using the BLACK wire on the ISO connectors You did this? Chris
  11. System startup in progress Please wait.

    I had the same sort of problem mate on the F910BT and figured it out, dont know if you have the same issue? On mine, I left a USB stick attached after fitting it but it wasnt formatted to the FAT32 and thats what the unit likes, so mine kept on with that message your getting, then rebooting, and then the message... eternal loop!!! Mine works fine now I reformatted using FAT32 give it a try Chris
  12. USB 1GB stick probs on an F910BT UK Model

    Hey Paul! Sorted!! Turns out the stick I was using was formatted using the FAT file system, the unit really only likes Fat32 lol Mine also starts playing as soon as its plugged in, but once connected, if the units off then turned on again, I can select the USB as the source, or something else doesnt start straight away once its connected all the time another lesson learned Chris
  13. video/movie

    Hiya guys Just read the back of the manual for some specs on video, and it depends on what type of file your using for films that aren't straight DVD Films Seems the DivX compatibility lists the movie size as 720 pixels × 576 pixels with a maximum files size of 4GB AVI Image size: VGA (640 pixels x 480pixels) Bit rate: 480 kbps and Frame rate: 24 fps MP4 is the same as AVI The actual screen size is 800 x 480 as pointed out before so hopefully i can find a convertor and do some test files, I will let you know Chris
  14. Hiya guys Wierd goings on, anyone had this before? Before I start, Pioneers TECH UK havent seen this one apparently, and as the units only a week old, want me to return to the seller, great...... took me three hours to install with all the hardwired mods (Reversing light, Speed Pulse) so i really am looking forwards to removing it!) The unit installed fine, no problems at all The Headunit needed the firmware update, but I only got it installed Sunday afternoon so decided to wait for that until this week Now, heres the problem 1) If the unit is turned on and there is NO USB memory stick attached, the unit boots up and works no problem at all, but if I connect the USB stick, it then accesses it constantly (Light on USB stick is flashing) but thats as far as I get, cannot select USB MEMORY STICK from the menu 2) If I plug the USB stick in BEFORE I power up, the unit then shows the splash screen, then sats "System Startup please wait) or words to that effect and then after a short period, reboots, and goes through it again, in a continuous loop, splash screen, system startup, reboot, splash screen, system startup, reboot..... on and on... and on... and on Pioneer Tech say they havent seen this, and suggest returning the unit, the suppliers suggest doing the firmware update (Done this, no change) and also trying another USB Stick which I will get tomorrow Anyone seen this one?? Any help appreciated before this nice new head unit gets broken by a very frustrated End User Chris
  15. Thanks for the replies guys appreciated!! Paul... u have a PM Chris