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  1. Bluetooth not working

    any luck?
  2. F90BT - Audi A4 - FM Reception Issues

    Not an Audi, but a Jeep Grand Cherokee also with the same problem with an F90BT. AM all static FM fades in and out, HD Radio is louder but not much better. tried a separate antenna moved around in inside of car I found if i held that antenna by the tip and held onto my big toe on my right foot ...only kidding! but the reception problem isn't funny I live near Boston and can't receive WBZ AM at all even in HD and the local sports radio fades in and out even rolling up to a stop light. really almost unusable. Help Please any ideas Its a factory non-powered stock antenna so no need for blue wire. Thanks Bob
  3. I have a F90bt and would like to know if I can use the GEX-P20 instead of the GEX-P10 and if there any benefits to getting the P20 over the P10. TIA, Bob
  4. fm reception

    OK, same problem with my f90bt, poor FM signal, favorite station fades in and out to quietness no static,at a light i just have to move forward a foot or two to listen. AM = mostly static. Antenna is outside rt front fender mast type and plugged in with no antenna booster, not sure if blue wire is connected. Would a new antenna and/or booster make a difference?
  5. That Did it!!!!! Working again!!! Still have to update bluetooth But everything seems normal... For now...
  6. OK, I decided to follow the instructions in thread http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=25424 Every thing is going fine, things that helped me were 1) make sure you hold all four buttons reset,eject,menu,map when you power on for 5 seconds, and let go only the reset and eject buttons till you get blue screen. I had to do this a number of times till I got it right. I really didn't end up having to do that part of it because after i put in the SD card created with the latest testmode 2.3 Found here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FXFEWLS0 it booted into win ce ok. The latest testmode 2.3 is for firmware ver update 2.006000 so make sure your firmware is that ver. Make sure when you create new partition You name it EXACTLY the same as the one you unmounted mine was "Part00". I did not have to remount I am copying files right now. 40 min we will see hoping for the best...
  7. With nothing to lose I figured id try to run the latest firmware update 2.006000, and it finished completely.So where i stand now is it boots and stays at the splash screen.but unlike b4 i have some response.If I hit the menu button I can get into settings, It doesn't seem to save any settings illumination ect.Maps button doesn't work,if i check the firmware it is correct (the new ver) but no maps version.I also tried the sd card with the testmode and mitacap folders in the root and it doesn't seem to boot into any kind of green screen or windows ce screen like I have seen b4.Some times i can get a windows like prompt that says the application failed to start would i like to remove all my settings and reset to factory defaults If i choose yes the system reboots but doesn't change anything. I also tried the reset button, and reset and eject button with no changes. maybe i need to download all of the backup files from rapidshare but how do i install if unit won't boot into testmode? thanks Bob
  8. I have a f90bt ( Firmware ver2.0 factory installed) that has been installed for 6 mo and working great. Today I noticed that the screen was noticeably dim (Like it is at night),I went into the brightness for system and turned up,looks normal. When I get back out to my car and started it the pioneer splash comes on,button lights come on then the screen goes blank, lights go out, no audio, or menus, I do hear the fan spinning but it does not reboot like others in this forum. I tried to boot using my sd card with the testmode and mitacap folders (this card worked ok b4) exact same problem. I have also tried the small penciltip reset button in the upper left corner I did notice that my lights changed from the color I set green to white (the default i assume) but same problem. Thanks For any Ideas, Bob