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  1. AVH P4200 DVD - Problem

  2. AVH P4200 DVD - Problem

    I am getting on occasions a flickering dvd picture. Has anyone else had this? Its not a section on the dvd where it flickers so am guessing its the HU.

    yep, EU models is simply grounded!

    Am from the UK and looking to do this bypass but i was told the relay method is simply for the USA version of the unit. Can anyone confirm that the EU models is bypassed differently ie grounding just the parking wire?
  5. Pioneer AVH 3200 & CD-IU50V

    no one?
  6. Am simply wondering how this is connected, is it via the front or does it have it own dedicated connection behind the unit? thanks
  7. CNDV-100MT Europe

    I have available the 3 Disc Set CNDV 100mt for Europe. If you would like to purchase a set the price is gbp25.00. Pls either reply to this thread for a paypal invoice or send payment via paypal to kingshi@hotmail.co.uk. Here is pic of the discs. I only use Verbatim Discs from Singapore due to their excellent quality. Thanks
  8. Dont worry finally downloaded the maps and it has everything included. Cant wait to install on my HU now.
  9. sorry is that a cracked one to run these maps?
  10. where can i find the ezrider.exe?
  11. upgrading to 100mt

    many thanks
  12. upgrading to 100mt

    is it ok to upgrade from 60 or 70mt straight to 100mt? thanks
  13. Avic D3 wiring loom with f910bt

  14. Avic D3 wiring loom with f910bt

    ok, i am going to purchase an avic f910bt and currently installed is my avic d3 with bypass. Firstly will the connectors and wiring the same between the 2 models or pioneer in general? ps. i know the bypass on the avic f910bt is slightly different with regards to moving the mute wire between the 2 black wires instead of on the d3 the next row up.
  15. Using Europe Map on US F900BT

    i am looking to buy a 700bt with firmware 3.1 from the US to use in the uk... Can i still use the ezrider.exe and world licences? How do you get the system into test mode? and finally any links to the igo maps for europe including base map.