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  1. LCD Brightness

    Is there a way to couple the screen brightness to the day/night mode? If you turn the brightness up to make it easier to see during the day, then it blinds you at night. I like having my instrument lighting turned down at night, make it easier to see into the dark(look out for deer). Thanks
  2. Hacks for a X710BT

    As a newbie to both this forum and to to my new AVIC, I see there are a lot of hacks aimed at the F series units. Will any of these work on my new X710BT, and if are there any precautions that need to be done before I start this endeavor. I hate to sound like a dummy, but I don't want to turn my new unit into a "electronic brick". I'm reasonably good on computers but I still have that uneasy feeling about tearing into this. Thanks Craig