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  1. Just installed the 2330NEX in my 2017 Wrangler. I used the Maestro RR and CH1 harness to retain the steering wheel controls. Everything works fine, and the steering wheel controls work as they should. However if I press and hard button on the 2330NEX the steering wheel controls will stop working until the unit is powered off, then back on. I've reflashed the RR and checked all the connections. The Steering wheel controls work fine as long as I don't press any hard buttons on the 2330NEX Has anyone had a similar issue? And advice? Thanks.
  2. AVIC-N4 Wire set

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a set of all the wires for the AVIC-N4. I'm am going to be ripping it out of my old car to put in my new one, and I would be easier if I could just get a new set of wires instead of taking all that time to fish out the old ones. Thanks.
  3. N4 Screen will not open

    It still makes the beep noise when I push the OPEN/CLOSE button. If that makes any difference?
  4. I got into my truck today, started up, and the screen on my N4 will not flip out! It has always worked fine until today. Won't open by pushing the open/close button either. Please help!!