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  1. Hi I have a problem regarding my ny installation of a rearview camera which i bought on dealextreme. Its a 12v IR Camera link: http://www.dealextre...12v-500ma-15756 I have pluged in the RGB cable in the rearview imput on my F910BT and the power wires are connected to + and - on the distrubution box to the amp. When i accsess rearview on my F910BT i can see the image from the camera very good but when power cable is connected i get noise in the speakeres that is connected to the amplifyer. Is it possible to get rid of the noise by an 12v Noise Filter ex:http://www.ebay.com/...=item3cb564e7b6 Regards Madsbads
  2. Voice Control

    I have an EU Unit
  3. Voice Control

    Just finished installing my new Avic-F910BT and i can't get the Voice Control to work. When i push the Multi-control button nothing happens. if i hold it for 2-3 sec the mute activates. Do i need to activate it trough settings?