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  1. I had poly window tint on my 06 F150. The window was pried out and was laying (mostly still in one piece) where my truck was left parked. There were not the typical millions of small pieces of broken glass around the area, just a few small ones from around the edges of the windows. They can still be pried out. I got the truck back yesterday after being m.i.a. for 8 days. Needless to say my d2 and xm navtraffic modules were gone.
  2. Twas the data cable. Must have come unhooked when I mounted the unit. Thanks! I appreciate all of your suggestions and assistance!
  3. It is the GEX-P10XMT. Sorry should have stated that originally. I'm going to check out all of your (much appreciated) suggestions this evening. This is my first attempt at installing anything more than a basic head unit. This site has been very helpful!
  4. thanks, guys! I'll check out your suggestions after work today.
  5. I have read a few posts about this and have found that most talk about the power cord connection, but I have power to the xm unit. I hooked up to an AVIC d2 and am able to recieve the xm stations, but when I check out the hardware connections, it says 'not connected.' Also the navtraffic seems to be not working. A lot of you guys seem to know your stuff, any suggestions, or did I miss something? (wouldn't be the first time) PS I activated the service and included the navtraffic two days ago and followed the xm rep's directions.
  6. Made the change this evening. Worked like a charm.
  7. I have been known to miss the obvious. Thanks!
  8. think I could buff this out with some wax?

    You may want to start with wet sanding, then compound polish, etc. Serioulsy, that really sucks. Nice ride, other than that little scrape.
  9. I used the power antenna. hmm. What other power source should I have used. (or do I change the power antenna settings?)
  10. I need some help. My sub won't function when in cd mode. works fine in fm radio. I even went to the audio menu from cd mode and made sure the settings were on. Any suggestions will be appreicated.