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  1. Have a 2004 NBS f150 supercrew. My HU is the f-900bt and works great but my problem is i have a pioneer back-up camera that is having a issue. I hooked it all up started the truck went into the settings menu and turned on the back camera option.....nothing. shut off started truck again and the camera came up now thats all i have is the image from the camera on the screen no matter what gear i am in......I hooked it up as follows: wire from camera into truck and plugged into box from there i ran rca to deck and plugged into brown reverse connection. then a grounded the black wire out of the box
  2. i just have the blank sd card that comes with the unit and what do i do about the back up camera?
  3. Thsi is my first post here and i have been going through the site trying to solve my problem with my avic-f900bt. If any boby could help i would appreciate it alot!!! When i start my truck this black/green screen comes on for a couple of secounds then nothing. Its like the screen is dead but i still hear beeping when i press menu or map bottons and every once and a while when i press map the screen turns on and the radio works fine. But when the screen is blank it is very annoying and even if i try rebooting, it still does the same thing over and over again untill it works for a couple of time
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