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  1. Hi guys, trying to update an old D3 with CNDV 70 to 110. Get message update failed. Tried different downloads and different DVD's Is it not possible? Do I need to update to 90 or something first? Does anyone have a 90 availeble? Can't find them and can't get a working torrent / NZB for it. Please help...!
  2. When and where the??? I never see them... Or how to use that?
  3. f500bt in BMW

    Thanks for your reply, The F500bt is sold as ïmprovemend of your normal sounds... Also your original headnuit is gonna sound better... Well, bullshit hahahaha... Thanks dude...
  4. f500bt in BMW

    Hi guys, I have a F500BT in my BMW 330d. It's connected with a special cable between my headunit and headcable. I also have the pioneer AMP. I thought that the combination of the pioneer AMP with the original headunit, the sound would improve and the Pioneer will take control. But the quality of the headunit is still poor. Except for Iphone music played on the F500bt. This sounds great (thanks to the pioneer amp). And if the sound of my original headunit goes over the pioneer amp, shouldn't the volume control of the F500BT work for the FM/CD of my headunit? 2nd question, how can I adjust the FADER on the F500BT? My front speakers or to soft while playing mp3/iphone. p.s. Phone calls, navigation, Iphone music/video works without any problems...
  5. I recently bought this one: http://cgi.ebay.nl/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=360295884153 Works great! Al the music, video and charge options works on Iphone 3 and Iphone 4...
  6. Hi guys, Is it possible to watch video and navigate at the same time? I watch video with my iphone but when I have the AV on Iphone my navigation don't give any directions (as symbols or something) On a Avic I previously owned (Avic x1) it was possible to get a little direction symbol in your navigation screen... I'm using a f500 bt at the moment...
  7. have you tried adding other licenses? regarding the navi language, could you post your dutchlanguage file so that i could give it a try Where can I find other licenses? And wich file exactly (where to find it)
  8. no buildings on that address bro, try downloading different builing files now onto the dutch language I already tried 10.... And I'm sure the buildings are in the file cause on my other unit I see them. Anyway, have you got an other link for building files?
  9. Den Haag, valkenboslaan (and surrounding streets) Any knowledge about the English instead of dutch language in the navigation menu?
  10. no luck seeing any building, could you give me an exact address where you expect to see buildings? I gave you 2 adresses where normalliy (with the same files) are buildings (on my other device) - valkenboslaan, The Hague (den haag) I'm sure I see buildins there normally
  11. already could find something?
  12. already could find something?
  13. Zuiderparklaan valkenboslaan both den haag (the Hague) any idea of the languages? Wich file is for the navigation language? My guess is that the dutch file is corrupted or not there... and it auto switch to English (by default) Is it in the data.zip? or something
  14. are you using a hacked ezrider? regarding the speedcam warnings, i don't have a dutch voice pack but i know you could download them in other igo forums, though you have to edit the names the same way as it is in my mod, I am using a hacked EZRIDER.exe one from the forum (tried 2) size is 6137 kb. like this one: http://rapidshare.de/files/48133221/ezrider.rar.html From your site I took: IDT 3.0vFINAL TMC.zip and updated data.zip for final version.zip
  15. The files are to big to upload... I can't post them here and haven't got a rapidshare account or something Bit it seems the same as: http://rapidshare.com/files/115112368/Netherlands.3dc and http://rapidshare.com/files/115112367/Netherlands.3dl but I'm not sure...