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  1. I just installed a Pioneer AVH-2800BS in my 2005 Ford F150, adding a cheapie backup camera / license plate frame off Amazon. I've tapped the reverse bulb in my rear view lights to power the camera, and that is working correctly. However, the head unit doesn't intelligently switch to the camera when I go into reverse, as I would prefer. Instead, the camera feed comes on at startup (I have marked Backup Camera as "on" in the Pioneer head unit settings) and then I have to manually hit the "X" button at the top right to cancel the camera feed once I'm driving. In other words, the head unit doesn't auto-detect that I'm no longer in reverse and fails to automatically close the feed. I'm used to the backup camera only triggering when I go into reverse, and then going away automatically when I'm driving. Is this functionality not provided in the AVH-2800BS? Or am I just not wired into the right wire to trigger the backup camera? (I connected it to the black and pink cable as many tutorials stated, but perhaps it was the wrong black and pink cable?) Thanks!
  2. I just updated the firmware from Pioneer's website. I think I had 2.0 on it previous. After I updated the new firmware, which installed perfectly, I now have the following issues: * System takes about three minutes to boot up * After three minutes, it then reboots itself * On this second boot, it only takes about a minute to start * I lose whatever FM channel I was listening to, and have to go back to the AV source screen and reselect FM * GPS also seems to get locked up occasionally. I have been able to solve this by changing the screen and going back to the map. Also, these issues were persistent for me in 2.0 and continue with the latest update: * I use a USB key (no iPod right now) and it isn't recognized on bootup, EVER. I have to manually disconnect the USB key from the connector, and reconnect it. Then wait about 30 seconds. And then the key becomes available.