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  1. Great input! Thanks very much folks.
  2. Hi Folks, I've ordered a 7000 to replace a 710 that was stolen, so this is the first time I've had to deal with a VSS connection as the 710 didn't require it. In searching the web for where to connect it (blue/white wire coming out of the PCM), I came across a couple of threads with debates on how to connect it, so thought I'd ask for input here. Is there a "correct" or "preferred" method for making the actual connection of the pink wire to the car's VSS wire? I came across people promoting each of: 1) Using a plastic splice clip 2) Removing insulation from the VSS, twisting the pink cable on and soldering 3) Removing insulation from the VSS, twisting the pink cable on and NOT soldering (something about not soldering to avoiding adding resistance) 4) Tying into the harness connector for the VSS wire either at the speedo or PCM I've generally used the plastic clips for splicing into things like steering controls and parking brakes in the past, but not having dealt with a VSS connection before, just wanted to ask for input in case that's not the right choice. Also, on a couple of posts, I came across comments about the type and gauge of wire used to splice into the VSS being important as well to ensure accurate readings. Any truth in that considering it ends up connected to whatever Pioneer used for the pink wire on the head unit harness? In case the answer to either question is car specific, it's a 2003 Acura 3.2CL. Cheers & Thanks, Brian
  3. Anti-Theft on NEX Units

    Thanks for the input folks. I will say I got extremely excited at the thought of a fully removable screen on the 7/8000 for a few seconds! It's very strange that they offer it on the 4000 but not the higher end ones. Too bad. NAV and Bluetooth are a must for me along with good sound. I guess if comes down screen space vs peace of mind, so maybe I'll stay focused on the 6000. It's a similar layout to the 710 that was stolen, and the smaller screen wasn't a deal breaker by any stretch- although I'll really miss having the rotary volume knob.
  4. Anti-Theft on NEX Units

    Apologies for the duplicate post folks- my original one wasn't showing up even after a few refreshes, so I thought I'd forgot to hit the POST button the other day. It showed up as soon as I posted this duplicate.
  5. Anti-Theft on NEX Units

    Hi Folks, My x710BT was stolen recently, so I've been looking at the 2014 NEX decks. I was focusing on the 6000 because it has the small removable part on the front which may help deter theft to some extent (not so much as a full removable face), but I would really like a full/larger screen 7000 or 8000. I know they have the password feature, but I was wondering if they have any kind of blinking security light that would indicate to a potential thief that it's protected. I get that many thieves won't care if it's locked, but it may ward off a few if they can see it's locked and there's an unlocked one 2 cars over. Thanks
  6. Anti-Theft on NEX Units

    Hi Folks, My trusty x710BT was recently stolen, and I'm looking to replace it. Having thought car stereo theft was a thing of the past, I've been given a rude awakening (along with the insurance adjuster and everyone else I know). So, my thoughts now go back a decade to my old head units with removable faceplates that made theft way less appealing. I've been looking at the 2014 NEX units, and see that at least part of the face is removable on the 6000, so that would give me the little extra piece of mind I'm looking for, but I would really prefer the full screen of the 7000 or 8000. I know the full screen versions have the password feature, but I was wondering if the have any kind of blinking security light or anything that indicates the password is set/active. I was looking at my old factory deck which is back in for now, and the red blinking light is a helper in making it less interesting than something that isn't secured. I get that whoever steals it may not care if it's locked or not as they're as happy to screw the buyer as much as the original owner, but still, it may ward of some thieves. So, any blinking security lights on the head units? Also, if anyone is familiar with the older x710BT as well as the 6000, 7000 & 8000, any thoughts on the best target for a replacement? I was fairly happy with the 710 after applying a lot of the mods to it. Would the 6000 likely be an obvious choice, or is there significant added value beyond the larger screen to move to the 7000? At which point, the 8000 comes into play with prices dropping due to the 8100 release. Thanks for any answers/input! Cheers

    Hi Thomas, Thanks for replying- no worries on the time... I think it was December first yesterday... or at least it feels like it! With all the holiday stuff going on, I'd forgotten all about my knob's lack of staying power myself until yesterday . I had thought about epoxy as well, but I've had issues with it in the past trying to join metal to plastic, so I looked up the price of a replacement knob from Pioneer in case the epoxy didn't hold and wrecked the original knob, then ran away in terror. They must be lined with gold considering what they want for one... So, I'd love to take you up on your offer for a tighter fitting version for my smaller than average knob. I'll PM you with details. Cheers & Thanks, Brian

    Hi Thomas, I grabbed a knob for my 710 back in the summer, and I've never been able to get it to stay on. Stayed on for 2 weeks when I first put it on, about a week the second time, couple of days on the next few attempts. I left it off at that point and forgot about it until recently since it's cold enough now that I'm wearing gloves, and remembered it the first time I tried to change volume with the original knob while wearing gloves. It seems like the hotter the weather, the longer it stayed on, and the more it went from hot during the day to cool at night, the more quickly it fell off. I tried it again today (below freeing now), and I can just slide it on and off the original knob with no effort. Wondering if you have any tips or tricks for getting it permanently attached in this situation. Cheers & Thanks