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  1. I had to have line of sight from my cd-r510 to the IR receiver. I wish I could have had it hidden, but I am just happy I don't have to lean forward when I drive to constantly manipulate the Z! I would have been nice to have something like a bluetooth remote (we can all hope this comes with the update!). Good job on the vid VBlue
  2. Hey VBLUE42, If you are really wanting the VR to work, why not just buy the CD-R510 remote? It is only $10-$15 on amazon or ebay.
  3. I currently have the CD-R510 and CXC5719 wireless remotes. They both work for basic functions (volume, track, ATT, Source, and power). The only one that works with voice is the CD-R510. The way it is activated is by pushing the round toggle. Activation is as fast as if you pushed the button on the unit itself.
  4. 5131 80th Street Lubbock, TX 79424-3017 (806) 748-5683 I talked to the owner Michael, he is awesome! Tell him Aaron sent you!! http://www.customsoundworks.com/
  5. Ha Ha, yes I wrote the wrong part number down before work this morning. Sorry bout that!! I purchased the unit in Lubbock Texas at a place called Custom Soundworks. The owner saw it at CES and told me about it. He called his rep from PAC and had it shipped from PACs main plant in California on Monday. I am sure it will work with all remote controls, I was just saying that the rep said it worked best with the 510 for voice control thats all. When I called PAC for my friend yesterday they told me there was no such thing ever even talked about or in the works. I told the guy I had it in my hand ,
  6. No problem. Thank you, the staff, and the avic community for all the wonderfull help! This site has helped me numorous times in the past and present solving problems. I have owned the z2 in the past and was able to find the bypass hack, and the z3 upgrade walkthrough most helpfull in these forums! I recently purchased the z110bt and am very thankful that the community was able to provide the info to bypass video restrictions on this unit as well. Also thanks to vblue42's video walkthroughs helping me make the right decision of purchasing this awesome unit!!
  7. The (cd-iu50v) and (CD-R510) are the same remote. The cd-iu50v is the one that comes with new units and the CD-R510 is the one that can be purchased seperate. What I was told is that older remotes will have some functionality (ie. volume, track, and mute), but the CD-R510 gives the added benefit of initiating the voice control feature, which is what most people are trying to do with their steering wheel controls. I installed this last night and I can tell you that it works perfect. It does work with my old remote, however I puchased the CD-R510 for the voice activation feature. The Z110bt was
  8. Recently @ CES 2010 PAC released a product that gives the avic z110bt (and others) the ability to use remotes. No lag and if used with the correct remote then it also allows activation of the voice function right from the remote!Not sure why pioneer removed the IR but this little add on from PAC is just what I was looking for. Part #: WRI-P works best with (CD-R510). This product completes the unit by giving it what it should have had in the beginning! PS. I love this forum, thanks to all Mods and members on this site!
  9. Just a quick update. PAC did release a product that gives the avic z110bt the ability to use remotes. I ordered it Monday and received it last night. Installed it and it works perfect. No lag and if used with the correct remote then it also allows activation of the voice function right from the remote! Not sure why pioneer removed the IR but this little add on from PAC is just what I was looking for. Part #: WRI-P works best with (cd-iu50v). I have not seen it on PAC's website, but I purchased from a local dealer so if someone is wanting this and cant find it PM me and ill see what I can do. T
  10. I have not heard anything about PAC releasing IR as of yet. Anyone at CES see anything that might help yet? I love this unit, but I am constantly messing with the volume and tracks, so not having a remote I find myself driving the car leaning forward all the time. Hope they announce something before the end of CES so I can keep this unit and have the last piece of the puzzle!!
  11. Thanks for all your help! I'll take a look at those.
  12. Such a shame! I dont have steering wheel controls and was hoping since it used the bluetooth protocal that supports the feature (control from unit to ipod) it could somehow be reversed. Guess i'll wait till CES till I make a decision to keep this unit or go back to Z3 till something comes out that will support remotes. I like having the backseat passangers control what they want when they are watching the back monitors. Thank you for the quick response and all the well made videos vblue42!!
  13. Since the unit does not come with the ability to use an ir remote control, does anyone think it is/will be possible to use the bluetooth technology (AVRCP) to control the Z over bluetooth? I realy love this nav system over any on the market to date. It has everything and is super fast, and the touch sensitivity is perfect. It just seems rediculous to me why the heck Pioneer left out the ability for a remote control. The old units had it and almost all the other high end nav units on the market have it so why cut it out?!?!?
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