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  1. Need schematics and help!!!

    So, I'm doing the mod to get back my dvd and nav functions (N1) when moving and as Murphy would have it, it went terribly wrong. I have done plenty of soldering and had the right equiptment for the job. I soldered down the first end of the wire and went to solder the second to the point by the row of resistors, and when I did it, it seemed a little loose so I gave it a quick melt to make sure it was secure. The wire popped up off the board and I noticed there was no solder on the board. Solder will not adhere to the spot and I don't see any copper trace there. I know I didn't overheat it, so I can only assume there was a board issue of some kind. I need schematics and help to figure out where (to and from) I'm going to have to jumper to repair this damage. My degree in electronics is decades old and not used much, so I need help from those of you who are better practiced. I took a picture for what it's worth. Thanks, Ski
  2. Ok, don't flame the noobie.... The short history. I work for a dealership. Someone traded in a car about a year after the N1 came out and left it installed with all the manuals and discs. Needles to say, the car was rode hard and put away wet so it was going to auction. I in turn 'aquired' the system for nothing (as I find it ridiculous to spend that kind of money on car electronics) and installed it. The year after that, divorce... The ex got the car and the N1. FF to a couple months ago. She buys a new car and doesn't want to install it due to all the class 2 data mods necessary to install (a bunch of BS her local dealer gave her, of course I backed them to get it back... ) so I get it back. She never updated from the original maps. I have the downloads for the CNDV-90MT and have burnt them off. I've been reading the mods page and trying to search the site but there's so many posts and directions it's a bit of a task. Right now, the e-brake signal is grounded as it was on my original install and all works while moving. Do I understand correctly that if I use this update, I will have to perform the interernal mod to correct it's over ride to lock out DVD and nav functions while moving? The current maps are SO out of date for my area it's annoying as hell. I want to update, but need to know the can of worms I'm opening first. Thanks guys.... Ski