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  1. Well the ipod cable is basically a usb cable. All cell phones interface PCs with a USB cables so technically its possible providing the application provided support for it on the mobile phone side, but unfortunately I fear you are correct and there probably wont be any pandora link android support. I just wish the guy would have said specifically in the video that ONLY iphones would work
  2. I am wondering about the actual devices it supports, in the manual they specify any iphone running pandora, but in the CES video the guy seems to hint at more than just iphone support "speaks with a portable device with the pandora app on it, in this case we have an iphone 3gs" 1:45 into the video => from the wording it sounds like it could possibly support pandora running on android?? or maybe backberry?? at least I hope Unless of course he was referring to other iphone devices when he specified the 3gs. Any insider here know if pandora on an andriod phone would work?
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