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  1. Sintacks, my hat is off to you! My F900BT started having this very problem about 3 days ago. After trying reboots, resets and everything else I could think of I finally took the car into my installer this afternoon. He suggested a "battery pull" of at least 15 minutes to clear all memory. I disconnected my car battery for just over 1 hour and guess what ... NO difference! My installer had also told me that if the battery pull didn't work he would have to remove the unit and send it to Pioneer and they would charge me $250 just to look at it. Needless to say, before I shelled out $250 for Pioneer to look at a 2 year old unit I did some homework here on AVIC411. I saw your post and it made perfect sense. Having my original upgrade SD cards I gave it a try and low-and-behold SUCCESS!!! Neo, you saved me a bunch of agro and $250 to boot! Thank you for your post. ***NEIL***