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  1. Semi-Permanent Install

    Oh... the ND-TMC1 I'm in the UK and not available here yet and no release date that they can give me.... They did say it was available in Europe though if I wanted to source one,mmm so I have to go to another country to buy a part that is meant for the UK too! In the end I had to buy mine in Germany Have not yet installed it though. I asked Pioneer if the had a permanent dock system like the Tom Tom and they said no. The ND-TMC1 looks a messy install a nice docking station solution would have been ideal. It plugs into the vehicle radio ISO socket for power has a separate FM aerial to pick up the TMC info and a traling plug lead that fits into the S1 at the bottom port.
  2. Avic - S1 links to resources

    I can't say there is much by way of downloads and other resources (tps, tricks and hacks) here at the moment...I've been searching the internet and there doesn't really seem much elsewhere either that I have come across anyway. All I see is reviews for when the S1 first came out.
  3. Does anyone know of any freely available speed/safety camera sites POI's for the AVIC-S1 in the UK and Europe or USA? Also anyother POI's of interest for that matter.
  4. Avic - S1 links to resources

    Please could people add to this thread any Links to resources for the Avic-S1 that you might have come across on the internet whether domestic or international. I think this would be useful for all of us S1 users. www.avic411.com
  5. Semi-Permanent Install

    What is this semi-permanent kit called or part no. as I've never seen one? I would be interested to find out more as there doesn't seem to be many or any accessories for the unit unlike the Tom Tom unit that are out.