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  1. Avic-z130bt parts

    I was reinstalling my z130 into my new car this weekend and of course I messed it up. I need to see if I can purchase the part that has the volume and source buttons on it.
  2. Hello I have a Pioneer Avic-z130BT installed In my 350z and I currently have the iPod ran to the glove box behind the passenger seat. It is becoming a huge pain to switch out my iPhone and iPod whenever I want to listen to Pandora on the iPhone. Then switch it again when I listen to CDs on the iPod. I'm sure most of you are saying just transfer the songs from the iPod to iPhone but I have a huge iPod and only a 16gb iPhone so I don't have the space with all the apps and stuff I have on the iPhone for the music. I want to know if I could potentially hook up my iPod in the glove compartment permanently and have another dock closer to the dash for the iPhone so it's removable when I exit the car? I was thinking about maybe getting splitters for both the USB and AUX cables. However idk if the z130 will read both at once? Any help would be great