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  1. Hey guys, I have an older satnav installed in my car, a Pioneer UB310BT. It is decent, I love that it has an actual KNOB to control the volume/tracks/etc. Knobs are awesome! I love this unit and have used it on multiple road trips, but once I started using WAZE, I was using the map less and less. It seems silly to be looking at my phone when I have this built in display. I also just purchased a snowmobile trailer, and I cannot see around it very well at all. Here is what I am looking for: 1. A HU that has WAZE support via iPhone4s 2. A HU that has an input for a backup c
  2. Okay, this is weird. My unit has worked fine for a couple years. I noticed bluetooth wasn't working, so I went into the menu, hit phone, and hit bluetooth, and it was off. I tried turning it on like 50 times, and it won't turn on. Any ideas? Phone's bluetooth is on too, and connects to other things just fine. It's definitely something with the unit...
  3. I was under the impression I could send destinations from my phone, to the unit. How does one go about doing this? Is there an instruction manual for avic feeds? Because on pioneers website I can't find anything. I found the avic feeds page, but that just has links to download the app.
  4. So I installed Avic Feeds onto my iPhone... yet the button on the 310 does not light up for Avic feeds. My phone is connected via bluetooth, but when I mess around with the app on my phone, it does not interact with the 310 at all. Any ideas?
  5. So just installed this a few days ago, was working great, changed some settings (nothing related to screen backlight), and now the stupid LCD stays on. How do I fix this, and prevent it from happening again?
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