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  1. Z150 Bluetooth Audio Track Titles / Artist Names

    There's definitely something fishy going on there. Here's my experience using an iPhone 5... Bluetooth track and artist information sometimes worked in IOS 6. It was good in 6.1, but was broken after that. Only songs from the music app would display track/artist info. I was pleasantly surprised to see that in IOS 7.0, all Bluetooth information was displaying perfectly for any app (slacker, Pandora, etc...). However all subsequent upgrades to 7.01, 7.02 and 7.03 have all broken the Bluetooth display again and only the music app itself displays track info. But I found a very strange workaround... Play any song from the music app and the track/artist info will show up. Then, try and play anything from another app and it will display properly. If I don't play something from the music app first, then bluetooth display doesn't work. But if I play something from the music at first, it does. Very strange.
  2. hey everyone! i bought an x920bt from crutchfield around launch time and the pioneer ipod cable (cd-50). i am using an iphone 3g with firmware 3.1.2, jailbroken, and on AT&T. unfortunately ive been having some odd problems with it and i was wondering if anyone has similar experiences or advice. 1) the iphone doesn't charge when plugged into the ipod cable. it chirps and i get the charging icon, but no charge happens. my 5th gen ipod video charges and connects no problem. when using pandora, the phone gets REALLY hot when plugged in but doesnt charge. 2) VR cataloging takes forever and never ends. i get the updating VR dictionary message but it never goes away and i never get the "VR Dictionary Updated" message. it just keeps saying "updating VR dictionary...". my 5th gen ipod video catalogs in about 5 min (approx. 2400 songs) 3) when i plug the phone in, sometimes i get the message "Authorization failure..." and i need to reconnect it. after 2-3 tries, it usually works 4) when trying to use pandora, it randomly disconnects and i get a pop-up on the phone that says something like "....is having trouble trying to connect to your phone. please disconnect and reconnect your phone." thanks for taking the time to help. i know it's a lot of issues and a lot to ask about, but thank you so much in advance. i love the radio and everything about it. i just hope i can get the most out of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!
  3. X920BT - Sirius Interface & other thoughts

    i have the x920 and i was researching all the info and stats before i bought it. i had XM back from 2003-2005 and then sirius for 2008 (got a free year when i bought my truck). i was going to buy the sirius adapter and interface but according to everyone on these boards, sirius looks terrible on pioneer radios. they couldnt have been more accurate. i decided on XM and wow....i couldnt imagine using sirius. in the instruction manual, they have pics of both and with all that gorgeous real estate on such a big 6.1 inch screen, to not use it properly is just a shame. XM displays EVERYTHING you would want....the channel #, name, song artist and song title...all at once. no need to hit multiple buttons to see one piece of info at a time. as an extra added bonus, i found that that XM is just superior to sirius. if you like howard and other kinds of talk radio, well then yea, sirius is def for you. but as far as music goes, XM has far greater variety, content and selection. im also a huge baseball fan, so the MLB games even further made my choice the right one. i couldnt be happier....and it just looks GREAT on the radio screen. hope that helps!
  4. I just recently installed an x920Bt with a GEX920xm tuner. I've had XM and sirius before so I know what's acceptable as far as the signal dropping out when going under an overpass. The installer placed the XM antenna on top of my dashboard right where the dash meets the windshield. I made a 3 and a half hour trip to Pennsylvania for Easter and it cut in and out way too much, even when on an open road. Is that considered a bad antenna location? What would be a better location to move it to? For the record, I drive a 2008 Ford Escape SUV. Thanks for any help!
  5. Hey! This is my first post here as I have been "trolling" ever since I got and installed my avic-x920bt last week. SO please pardon any naive questions In a nutshell, I LOOOOVE the unit. I previously had an older DEH-P9800BT but was very unsatisfied with the bluetooth performance (horrendous echo that rendered it literally useless) and the speed at which it read my ipod (scrolling took forever). I decided to take one more shot on a Pioneer thinking that the technology had come a long way since then, and to my pleasure, it absolutely has. But I am not sure about one thing though. I found the option to switch the map from day colors into night colors. But when I use that option, it's all the same. It displays Day colors. I tried changing the settings menu to "Day" and "Automatic" but nothing seemed to work. It all looks the same. Would anyone know how can I get the map to be able to toggle back and forth from day/night? I'd really appreciate it because I had to make a 3 and a half hr trip from Pennsylvania Sunday for Easter with Day Mode on and it was killing my eyes lol. oh well, at least i had the yankee game on xm......hopefully no ones a boston fan here thanks in advance for helping out a newbie!