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  1. avic 7100nex problem

    Hi, installed 7100nex, used micro bypass...all was well however; after some time..upon turning on the ignition to start vehicle, unit powers up normally, transitions to splash screen then blank. No activity, lights are on along controls at the bottom but no more activity. Can't seem to find anything in the instructions/trouble shooting section, any help/ideas?
  2. Thanks bro! I called myself reading the mannual but I apparently didn't do a good job of it. Thanks for the guidance, that's exactly what I was looking for. I had set it upon initial installation without reading the book but could not remember how I did it, so thanks again.
  3. Hello good people, I installed an AVIC 920 and it works perfectly! Bluetooth is magical, eq is a breeze to set up and manipulate according to which song I’m listening to. XM works great and I recently installed the AXXCESS steering wheel interface and it’s on point! I have complete sound separation between lows, mids and highs. I have a total of 14 tweeters, 4 mid bass drivers, 5 mid range (vocal speakers) and two 12†subs. All speakers are powered by planet audio amps, one mono amp for subs and one four channel amp for mids and highs. I love this set up but one minor problem I have is when I’m listening to music at a moderate to high level, “which is most of the time†upon receiving a phone call my HU mutes instantly. Thing is when at medium to high volume I can still hear music playing underneath the phone call. The caller can some time hear it and some time they cannot. How can I completely have my music mute when I receive a call. I read a post that talked about shifting phone calls to the passenger speaker so to not have that echo effect, is this possible and if so how do I do it?
  4. ipod clasic, 700bt problem

    I have up-dated software to 2.0 yet my ipod 160G classic causes my 700bt to loop; then it say the ipod failed to connect. I have also done the bypass so to watch video without engaging the hand brake. Everything worked well for over a year or so; switched all items out of my Colorado into a Toyota X-runner about a month ago but just today it went haywire! After the switch of vehicles the video never worked properly without shutting the system down but now every time I connect the ipod my head unit goes into a loop mode until I disconnect the ipod then it re-boot then works fine; someone help me out!
  5. is this possible?

  6. is this possible?

    Wondering, is there any way to use Bluetooth functions but bypass the mic on my F700bt? Mic jack busted completely off the board so I can’t talk to the unit; can hear everything when my droid is connected via Bluetooth but can’t respond back. Is there any hack or mod that would allow me to use the function while my cell phone still acts as my mic?
  7. I broke the mic jack!!!

    First of all I used a reducer so I could make use of a 2.5 pin; this made the male pen about two inches long. I Pulled the unit out without disconnecting the reducer from the mic input; tension on that long extension caused the crack in the jack housing. I should have disconnected everything completely.
  8. Friends, I broke the mic input jack on my f700bt. No matter what I do I can’t get it to pick up the mic for voice transmission. Any quick fix for this without sending it back to Pioneer? I did a stupid thing to cause this problem so if I have to pay for it then I will but send me all your advice first…
  9. F900bt mic problem

    • TIP - Signal + • RING - Signal - • SLEEVE - Screen Could not load the picture so i hope thi helps.
  10. Well, since I posted my question I have since had to pull my head unit completely out of my truck. Upon reinstalling it miraculously I now have full range in front and rear RCA plus accompanied with full SUB support for my system. I don’t know what I did or did not do but its sweet now! I now have front, back and side to side - fade/balance of sound unlike before I only had side to side. Problem sloved.
  11. F900bt mic problem

    It's a mono mic but not sure where the ground is located. I purchased a mic from Staples and used a reducer for my unit it worked fine until I pushed it in too far cracking the housing of my f700bt unit, now I have to fix that. I would not recommend using a reducer that protrudes out beyond 1/4 to 1/2 ".
  12. Okay, I have decent install knowledge; purchased and installed the F700BT and everything works perfect. Running 1 - 4 channel amp to supply my front (Highs) and rear (Mids) speakers and 1 mono block for my two 12” subs (Lows) in my 06 Colorado. Amps are audiobahan, subs are volfenhags in a sealed box in a blow through setup. 4 - 6.5 coax speakers in 4 doors and two visonik tweets. Not the greatest stuff but sound quality is good and lows hit hard!!! Problem, can’t seem to figure out how to keep the sub signal going to the mono amp while the rear signal goes to the rear channel in the full range mode? Is it because in full range mode the subs have to be turned off? With the subs on the rear channel send a signal to those rear speakers but it’s as though the LPF is on. I checked all that stuff and nothing would change the signal from the head unit. I split the signal of the front channel sending it to the second set of RCA of the amp and all four channels of the amp operated properly. Why can't I or how do I incorporate the rear channel and sub channel all at once for a complete full range of sound i.e. highs, mids and lows? Please help!!! I have read my operator’s manual but can’t seem to figure out/understand what I should do to achieve full range plus subs.