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  1. All I needed to do was a reset and everything works as expected. I'm running the CD-IB100II FWIW
  2. N2 "oversteer" and map Q's

    Settings - Hardware info - 3D calibration Reset all the sensors. Good luck, Sean
  3. N2 "oversteer" and map Q's

    I stumbled across that screen and did exactly that and its been good since. I guess that confirms what did it... Thanks, Sean
  4. Just installed a new to me N2. Its working fairly well however the GPS over steers every corner and takes about 100 yards or so to snap back onto the street I'm on. Is this a common issue? Does it work out after it "learns" the vehicle, or is it just the way it is? Another question, I have a copy of the 90 maps, is there any risk using these on my unit? N2 - original software - bypassed - e brake wire grounded - vss and reverse lines hooked up - hide a way flat, properly oriented, and secured to floor under passenger seat with velcro. Thanks, Smac