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  1. 8100nex ipod playback on startup

    Your ipod is probably too old for the firmware in the 8100. I had the same issue when I upgraded from my u310BT to the NEX5000. Ipod played fine in the old unit, but in the new one, it would always start from the very first song. It's extremely annoying. You can try checking for a new firmware update for your ipod, but I ended up having to use a newer ipod. I had an ipod video and a friend swapped his ipod classic with me, which worked fine. Another option would be to try to find an old, unused iphone and just use that as an ipod for the car.
  2. I recently bought the NEX5000 and gave my U310BT unit to a friend. He was asking me how to change the clock setting recently after going into daylight savings. He said it wasn't working so I tried to do it for him. I went into settings from the main menu screen and noticed that the Region button item was grayed out/unavailable. The Set Home, Map and Location buttons were also grayed out. Sound and Service Info buttons were available. I have no idea why these items would be unavailable. That was not the case when it was installed in my car. Also, the F. Reset button on the bottom of the Settings menu is grayed out as well. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
  3. How to access Sound Retriever

    Thanks! I was able to find it from your info!
  4. How to access Sound Retriever

    I have the NEX5000 and on page 190 of the manual it talks about the Sound Retriever function, which I enabled on a previous Pioneer unit. However, the manual basically only tells you how to scroll through the SR options once you're there. I can't find how to get there on the unit. I've looked all through the various settings and cannot find it. Can anyone tell me how to access it? Thanks!
  5. Swapping U310BT with NEX5000

    Yep, that ended up being the case with the NEX5000. Thanks though!
  6. Swapping U310BT with NEX5000

    I ordered it but have not yet received it so I can't compare it yet.
  7. Swapping U310BT with NEX5000

    I currently have a U310BT in my car and just purchased the NEX5000. Will I be able to basically just swap the 310 for the NEX5000 during the install? Will the main power/harness plug on the 310 plug right into the NEX? Thanks!