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  1. I have an amp hooked up to my U310BT to run a 12" subwoofer I remember in my old car (same amp, different Deck) when i turned off the Deck, the amp turned off also. What i have noticed with the U310BT is even if you turn off the music source, the amp still stays on. Now that it is winter, i start my car and let it warm up for 10-15 mins before i leave. Is the amp going to drain my battery? i dont know if the car just idling is enough for the alternator to keep the battery charged.
  2. speed up the Volume?

    for the volume to get to a level i consider "loud", i have to turn the volume up to around 30. So when i use my steering wheel buttons, i have to press the button 30 times. Thats a lot of button pressing. Is there a way to get the volume to ascend quicker? Even using the dial on the unit, i have to turn it almost 3 turns. Its frustrating. The factory unit went from "silence" to "loud" in about 8-10 button clicks